Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fledgling E-Infinity fan threads

Zahy finds a couple of recent posts supporting E-Infinity theory. There had been a long drought of such posts since the last one in FQXi-395 was posted on April 24, 2010.

At The Antimatter Radio Show you'll find E-Infinity supporter E. Hansen advertising The Golden Mean in Quantum Mechanics and High Energy Physics blog. A skeptic named Yansen, however, rains on E. Hansen's parade, making fun of Ji-Huan He's whimsical and mutually contradictory papers about the fractal dimension of wool.
At Matter News, E-Infinity supporters Ed Nash, Hoffman, Ben, E. Hansen, and R. Jason from the E-infinity Watch (with a name alluding humorously to mine) have their pleasant reverie interrupted by ff, who, like Yansen at Antimatter Radio, taunts them about wool. Finally E-Infinity supporter Yuhanssen can take it no longer, and calls ff an "idle philistine" living a "miserable existence".

I hope very much that these exchanges continue.

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