Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Latest Rössler news

A reader keeps us up-to-date.

First, there's a hot-off-the-press blog post by Redaktion, who wrote before about the quack conference, on RelativKritisch. Original German or Google's English translation. Redaktion tells how Rössler and his fellow-travellers are losing their legal battles to stop the LHC.

Next, on the anti-LHC site Achtphasen, there's this Tuesday July 27 response by Rössler to a critic called "Me" who is annoyed at Rössler's deliberate obliviousness to negative peer review.

Then we have the PDF of his paper about black holes, in which he thanks Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A (ZNA) crackpot editor Jürgen Parisi. Readers will recall that we wrote to ZNA to fire Ji-Huan He, but to no avail. In this paper Rössler says "El Naschie’s fractal E-infinity theory offers itself as an independent test bed."

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Our reader, eager to get Rössler's PhD revoked, points out that the University of Tübingen (UT) has a commission for scientific misconduct. One of the members, Prof. Dr. Heinz Clement, is a physicist. UT defines scientific misconduct in this way:

Fehlverhalten in der Wissenschaft im Sinne dieser Verfahrensordnung liegt vor, wenn in einem wissenschaftlichen Zusammenhang vorsätzlich oder grob-fahrlässig Falschangaben, insbesondere durch das Erfinden von Daten, das Verfälschen von Daten oder das Täuschen über Daten gemacht werden, wenn geistiges Eigentum anderer verletzt wird, unberechtigt Nichtbeteiligte als Urheber einer Arbeit genannt, Miturheber einer Arbeit nicht genannt werden oder die Forschungstätigkeit anderer rechtswidrig beeinträchtigt, behindert oder zerstört wird. Fehlverhalten in der Wissenschaft liegt auch vor, wenn jemand vorsätzlich oder grob-fahrlässig ein Fehlverhalten anderer ermöglicht oder sich daran beteiligt.

In short: Someone is guilty of misconduct if he claims that he has results that in fact he does not have. This is what Rössler does with his "gothic R theorem on black holes" above. It is also misconduct if one tries to constrain someone else's research, as with Rössler's anti-LHC propaganda.

These are strong arguments, but the bar for PhD revocation is going to be set high. We'll see what happens.

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. Rosseler referred in his paper to El naschie and N. Ahmed in page 11 as
    " ... An independent approach to quantum spacetime was found by ElNaschie [24], cf.
    [25]. It would be interesting to see whether part of the above predictions can be confirmed
    or disproved in this new methodology. ..."

    Rosseler is asking El naschie to make independent investigation in the context of E-infinity theory.

    It will be a real pleasure if El naschie would do that using E-infinity theory. We would have an infinite amount of lough.

    Let me comment that Rosseler is more systemic at the formal level than El naschie. Rossler at least numbered equations and use referencing in a consistent way. He didn't, for example, refere to Witten and then in the list of reference you would the reference for him like El naschie case.

    I hope El naschie would take this chance to learn at least theses formalities and then to shock the establishment by his genious investigation.

  2. Yes, Zahy. Both Rössler and He are better than El Naschie in giving their papers a superficially scientific appearance. El Naschie's papers you can usually dismiss after skimming them for 15 seconds; Rössler's and He's may need to be read. I don't recall any statement from El Naschie about LHC, by the way. Someone should ask him on Rosa Al-Youssef if he thinks it's dangerous.

  3. To our German readers: By the way I appreciate when you post roundups of Rössler news. I have my hands full Googling through the English Internet. Zahy et al. help with the Arabic. Some of the German sites like RelativKritisch have so much potentially useful material that I depend on you to direct me to the gems. I thank you and so do all our readers.

  4. updates from rössler himself can be found often here:

  5. Excellent! Thanks. I will check it regularly. I see Rössler has a doozie up there from August 1. The guy is persistent, I'll give him that.

  6. I this post, Rössler is comparing himself to Galilei:

    He writes:
    "For the first time since Galilei, new scientific results are being rejected unanimously by the scientific community without anyone offering a counterproof."

    In this post, he says he does not believe in String theory, but has found a proof of it:
    Rössler writes:

    "Herr Petera glaubt stärker als ich an die Stringtheorie. Doch er übersieht, dass
    ich einen Beweis für ihre Richtigkeit angegeben habe"

    And here, Rössler compares himself with einstein, saying his "result" would be correct because he was called Einstein, when he was young:
    Rössler writes:

    "In 1996, I became the only Western scientist officially declared crazy by the
    state for civil disobedience. And my student is the only Western PhD student to
    be denied his degree for originality (a mass and size change in the gravitational field). "

    "I was compared to Einstein when I was young. My student was called “Einstein” as
    a child. Why despair that a single individual cannot save us all? "

    Then, Rössler tells lies about the "Leibnitz Sozietät". Rössler writes:

    "And the venerable Leibniz-Sozietaet of which Einstein was a member."

    However, this association was founded in the DDR (the former communist part of germany) around 1955.
    Einstein never went back to germany after the second world war. And he certainly was not a member of the scientific association of the communist part of germany

  7. Excellent Rössler stuff, thank you Anonymous! I will blog it.

  8. new rössler things:
    A crackpot column, where he mixes esoteric (Dalai Lama... )with many physical concepts that Rössler obviously does not understand:

    new crackpot article from him against LHC:

    where Rössler compares himself with Ulysses.

  9. Thank you for the Rössler items! I will blog them.

  10. A recent interview with Rossler can be found on
    You will find there many comments.

    It is interesting that Rossler in his interview mentioned El naschie,
    "...Another thing that occurred to me is that we can now predict the existence of non-point shaped black holes using El Naschie’s Fractal theory. Once we know they are string-shaped then we can ask what is their size. It occurred to me only a few days ago that we might use El Naschie’s theory to calculate their size. .."

    We hope El naschie will gent involved in this matter related to LHC and hopefully write columns about LHC in Rosa-Alyousif. The great man by now can't publish in CSF.

  11. Here is a publication list with many items of Rössler.

    It lists "articles" that are complete nonsense but written as early as 1985. For example:

    Ratjen, W. & O.E. Rössler: Clifford Algebra Applied to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference, Tucson 2004, Abstract book. Also on cahi

    Rössler, O.E. & R. Rössler: The Lion and the Princess - Or How an Artificial Brain Changes the Attractivity of Locations through Simulated Encounters. In: Biophysical Journal Vol. 78, 2000, 253A.

    (The above articles certainly do not meet the standards of cognitive science)

    Rössler, O.E.: An estimate on Planck's constant. In: Erdi, P. (ed.): Dynamical Phenomena in Neurochemistry: Theoretical Aspects. Budapest: Publications of the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1985, pp. 16-18.

    (Planck's constant does not have anything to do with neurochemistry)

    Rössler, O.E.: Indistinguishability implies quantization. In: Takeno, S., T. Kawasaki & H. Tomita (eds.): Collected papers dedicated to Professor Kazuhisa Tomita on the occasion of his retirement from Kyoto University. Kyoto: Publication office for progress in theoretical physics., 1987, pp. 280-288.

    Rössler, O.E.: Der Leibniz-Effekt: Das Symmetrie-induzierte Verschwinden von Realität. In: Rötzer, F. & P. Weibel (eds.): Strategien des Scheins: Kunst, Computer, Medien. München: Boer 1991, pp. 277-289.

    Rössler, O.E.: Classical quantization: Two possible approaches. In: Casati, G. (ed.): Chaotic Behavior in Quantum Systems: Theory and Applications. New York: Plenum Press 1985, pp. 354-351.

    (indistinguishability of particles is not only present in quantum mechanics, but also in ordinary classical statistical physics, where it leads to a factor of 1/N! in the partition function. Hence Rössler's repeated claims that indistinguishabillity would imply some form of quantisation is purely wrong)

    Here is an analysis that shows some of Rössler's early ideas to be crackpottery:


  12. I like this title so much:

    Ratjen, W. & O.E. Rössler: Clifford Algebra Applied to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    It seems this Rössler guy has written and teached complete nonsens since around 1985.

    And it seems that no one at University Tübingen has stopped him. No one seems to have recognized there, that the things Rössler tells about Quantum mechanics, Relativity and the human brain for years is a complete crackpottery.

  13. Haha me too, I LOLed when I saw that just now.

  14. Zahy, notice that the Science 2.0 interview is from 12 August 2008. But it's a good interview and the comments are hilarious.

  15. I think this article from him interesting. Especially the ending of it:

    Wissenschaft bürstet immer wieder die ganze Welt gegen den Strich. Die Begriffe Interface und Computer-Universum wurden in vielleicht unzulässiger Weise künstlerisch verfremdet. Eine Wissenschaft, die es vielleicht noch gar nicht gibt, wurde präsentiert. Entspricht das nicht der Eulenspiegelei von Sokal, der beweisen wollte, daß es keine wissenschaftlichen Standards mehr gibt?

    It seems that Rössler knows what he writes. He knows that he does not obey to scientific standards. Rössler even says that his behavior would correspond to Sokal's famous hoax (the physicist Sokal jokingly fooled social scientists by publishing a nonsense paper).
    Apparently, Rössler is indeed a professional fraudster

  16. This is a translation of the passage to english;

    Again and again, science brushs the whole world against the grain.
    The terms interface and computer universe were perhaps unduly artistically alienated.
    A science has been presented that perhaps does not even exist yet.
    Does this not correspond to the prank of Sokal who wanted to prove that
    scientific standards are not existent anymore?

  17. Good stuff everyone. I will be posting all this in less than an hour.