Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A master list for Otto E. Rössler?

Readers have urged from time to time that our Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial positions should have a companion list targeting Prof. Otto E. Rössler.

There are good arguments for this.

El Naschie can't publish his nonsense anymore, largely due to the efforts of El Naschie Watch, though surprisingly he still manages to get on Egyptian TV. So going after other E-infinity group members is a natural next step.

We are having great success against Prof. He as his master list shows. He and Rössler are the most prominent E-infinity groupies. I believe that those two are the main authors [Note added July 19. It turns out Rössler was not a main author. We identify the main author in this post.] of the lengthy "E-infinity communications" which made FQXi-395 such a fascinating train wreck. (You can read them from beginning to end at the The Golden Mean in Quantum Mechanics and High Energy Physics blog where they are archived in the comments, here.)

We could get Rössler kicked off some editorial boards for sure. It might even be easier than it was for He, because while we got little support and no help from Chinese academics, there is in German academia a widespread annoyance with Rössler as a public embarrassment. And lots of Germans read El Naschie Watch.

If anyone wants to do this, you can get the ball rolling by posting in the comments any journals that have Rössler on the editorial board. I will create a master list, put in hyperlinks, keep it up-to-date, etc. I'm nervous about how much work this could turn into. If I had known He's list would be so long I might have had second thoughts. And we're not quite finished with He. I have to re-email some of the earlier journals.

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Wednesday, July 14. Grand Theatre. Arabic or English.

    El Naschie continues criticizing Turkey and Iran. Turkey's Gaza flotilla involvement was propaganda, he says. Turkey won't give up its military ties with Tel Aviv. While Hamas dances to Turkey's tune, Iran composes music for the strings of the Palestinian issue so that Syria may sing along. Iran and Turkey are taking roles that rightfully belong to Arabs.

  2. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday, July 15. Survival is not the strongest. Arabic or English.

    El Naschie talks about schools of thought regarding distribution of government subsidies. They ought to go only to the most deserving, he says, agreeing with Gamal Mubarak, the President's son. El Naschie refers to Gamal ostentatiously as "Gamal Mubarak, Assistant Secretary General and Policies Secretary, the National Democratic Party". Everyone knows who Gamal is, so this is apple-polishing.

  3. This is some lecture of Rössler:
    Seee at comment 14.07.2010, 00:02
    from http://www.relativ-kritisch.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=44533#top

    "Eine deduktive theoretische Biologie des Gehirns ist möglich im Rahmen des physikalischchemischen Darwinismus, d.h. der Fern-vom-Gleichgewicht-Physik Teilhard de Chardins. Obwohl das Ziel der Evolution – Teilhards Punkt Omega – als Attraktor nur asymptotisch (in unendlicher Zeit) erreichbar ist, kann der Personattraktor epigenetisch entstehen. Er erreicht das Ziel der Evolution im Sprung. Eine „Wissenschaft von der Erfahrung des Wohlwollens“ wird möglich. In ihr steht überraschend das Kleinstkind im Zentrum.
    (23. Mai 2006)"