Friday, July 16, 2010

Master list of O.E. Rössler's editorial positions

We can handle this the same way as Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial positions.

A black number means we have not yet contacted the journal. Green means we have contacted the journal. Red indicates a completed firing. Please help us add to the list.


0- Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (CSF)
The entire editorial board including Editor-in-Chief Mohamed El Naschie, Editorial Board Member Ji-Huan He, and Honorary Editor Otto E. Rössler were fired.

1- Journal of Mathematical Chemistry (JMC)
shows Rössler was added to the Editorial Advisory Board in 1989. He must have quit or been removed since then, because
does not show Rössler on the Editorial Board.

2- Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems (NPCS)
Parisi, Casati and Rössler are on the International Advisory Board.

3- International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (IJBC)
Rössler is listed as an editor.

4- Universität Tübingen (UT)
Not an editorship, but a possible PhD revocation. A reader gave these contacts at UT where it was awarded: Chief of the University -; Dean of the Faculty for Chemistry -; Chief of the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry -; Commission for scientific misconduct - That is now a broken link. Here is the new link: And now that is broken too! Definition of scientific misconduct -

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. New video by the douche (a nanotechnology scientist) explaining his social philosophy:

    Ironically, the name of the program is "schizophrenia".

  2. Wow! I may have to create a video portal page. Thanks for the link. I have downloaded the video for safe keeping.

  3. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (IJBC)
    (lists rössler as editor=

    IN COMPLEX SYSTEMS (lists parisi, casati, rössler as editors)

  4. whom to write:

    I believe rössler got his phd at Tübingen. The university thatgave the phd can revoke that title under special circumstances.

    chief of the university:

    dean of the faculty for chemistry

    chief of the institute for theoretical chemistry (the institute where röessler has his room)

  5. crackpot gold:

    Look at this page and watch the video of Rössler:

    Absolutely awesome.

  6. Great find! RelativKritisch is a fantastic site for Rössler stuff, apparently. The blogger's comments are hilarious.

  7. We are going on adding more arrows to your quiver ;-)

    Cheers galileo2609
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