Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not like the other things (part 5)

Apparently there are still some people who think Mohamed El Naschie is a real scientist.

A recent article by Amr Subh in Alwahdawi, titled In memory of the revolution... the Left's squandered legacy (the link is to Google's translation) says

كما تـم خفـض نسبة الأمية من 80% قبل 1952 إلى 50% عام 1970 بفضل مجانية التعليم فى كل مراحل الدراسة , المجانية التى أنجبت لنا علماء من طراز ( أحمد زويل ، محمد النشائى ، مجدى يعقوب ، مصطفى السيد ، يحيى المشد ، سعيد بدير ) وغيرهم

Illiteracy has also been reduced from 80% before 1952 to 50% in 1970 thanks to free education at all stages of study, free, which gave birth to our scientists from the model (Ahmed Zewail, Mohamed El Naschie, Magdi Yacoub, El-Sayed, Yahya Al-Mashad, Said Bedier) and others

This is mistaken on four counts. First, El Naschie's education from about the secondary level onward was German, not Egyptian. Second, it was privately paid for, not free. Third, El Naschie's early primary education in Egypt predated the July 23, 1952 revolution and Nasser's educational reforms. And fourth and most egregiously, El Naschie is not a scientist in any meaningful sense of the word. How odd to list him in such distinguished company!

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Friday, July 23. World Championships in the ball of scientific. Arabic or English.

    El Naschie writes from Norway. He begins by name dropping author Gamal El-Ghitani, then says George W. Bush is stupid. Then name drops mathematician Sophus Lie and mentions the E8 symmetry group. He then says Bush's Foreign Minister Condoleezza Rice had an uncreative chaotic mind, but he's not talking about that kind of chaos when he speaks of chaos theory. El Naschie says he's never met Nelson Mandela but would love to. He concludes by expressing enthusiasm for Algerian-Egyptian alliance in war and struggles against French colonialism, and enthusiasm for soccer.

  2. I love those zebras.

  3. TY, I do too. I found them a Google image search for "different".