Thursday, July 1, 2010

Something's going on at AMIS

At Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences (AMIS), to whom I wrote yesterday, gears are turning.

I quickly got three responses.

The first was from a member of the Advisory Editorial Board, Prof. Muhammad Aslam Noor of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan:

Many thanks for the information.
You may your own opinion about Prof. Ji-Huan He.
I would appreciate it very much if you please stop this nonsense, unprofessional and unethical character assassination of a leading mathematician and scientists.
Instead of this, you must appreciate his outstanding contributions to the scientific community.

I hope that you understand.

The second was from Managing Editor Prof. Barry Sanders of the Institute for Quantum Information Science at the University of Calgary:

I appreciate you raising this matter and am studying your web pages and original documents from SIAM and Elsevier. Before I make any decision I want to hear from various parties. The integrity of scientific publishing is paramount.

The third was from AMIS Editor-in-Chief Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty of Sohag University, Egypt & University of Bahrain:

We thank you for your e-mail and we would like to inform you that we have formed a new committee from the Editorial Board to discuss the matter and investigate with high accuracy and objectivity this subject.

We will inform you of the decision of the Committee.

That's encouraging. If they keep He after investigating, I'm fine with it. The cases where there's no response at all are the ones that bother me.

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  1. Dear Jason, it is not surprising at all the first message that you received, coming from someone who publishes on the journals edited by He and on the same topics covered by He.

    One example:
    "Variational iteration method for solving higher-order nonlinear boundary value problems using He's polynomials", by Moor and Mohuyd-Din, published on International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation , 2008, 9 (2) : 141-156

    with 51 citations in just two years (according to google scholar). Clearly someone with such a close link to He cannot have an impartial view of the situation.

    Even so, it is frankly ridiculous to define He "a leading mathematician and scientist". He is not a mathematician and honestly I have problems in thinking of him as of a scientist.

    Concerning his "outstanding contributions to the scientific community", I don't see any (maybe dr Moor could be more explicit on this point). He's papers, like the papers of the people that cite him and work on similar subjects, are papers which are incredibly poor of quality and which normally deal with problems with a difficulty level ranging from trivial to simple. Even so, many of the papers of He are plagued with elementary errors which a student (not to say a leading mathematician) would not do! Dr. Noor may refer to the papers of Prof. Fernandez for specific info on this point.

    Ultimately, one should bear in mind what is scientific publishing about: it is not about the inflation of citation indices and the personal ego of one person. It is about the advancement of knowledge and it should be open to criticism. Unfortunately, the papers which are critical to the He orthodoxy have typically trouble in being accepted in the journals which publish these works.

    Finally, dr Noor claims that there is an unethical character assasination going on...

    The only unethical assassination which has been done here is to decency and to the rules of scientific publishing. Quoting Douglas Arnold, the integrity has been under attack and this has been done by persons like He.


  2. Thanks for commenting. Haha. I didn't know about Noor's connection with He and IJNSNS. 51 citations for that paper?! That's a riot. It puts everything in a whole new light.

  3. This editor-in-Chief Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty has three paper in CSF which should turn on red light.

  4. This editor-in-Chief Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty has cv on

    He has an impressive list of publications about 115 publication (Remember he was born in 1967, and his Ph.D dated 1999).
    The guy managed to publish very few papers in top journal like Phys. Rev A, B.

    The guy seems to recycling his papers and putting them in marginally different form and publishing in different journals.

    The guy has a cv style that remember is with El naschie style.

    One can give a look at his CV and derive the nearly one to one correspondence between him and El naschie.

  5. Regarding Abdel-Aty, his email which I quoted suggests he's going to do the right thing in this case. Many people have published in CSF but the scope of this blog's criticism has to be more limited than that. I give him the benefit of the doubt pending the AMIS outcome. Regarding Noor, he sent me another email and had this to say: "I just read comments of one of the readers. Every one has its own views. As far as I am concerned, I have no connection with Prof. He. We have never asked anyone to cite our work. Researchers are free to cite other's work, if they like it. In this case, what is the fault of the authors? My only humble request to all concerned is: Do not drag others into this dirty mess." I have less sympathy with Noor's position. He did after all jump in voluntarily to accuse me of "nonsense, unprofessional and unethical character assassination" etc. in his earlier email.

  6. Apparently dr. Moor has forgot to tell us what are the "outstanding contributions to the scientific community" of He. I do not see any, but I am ready to reconsider my opinion. dr Moor, the only dirty mess that I can see is the one that the unethical behaviour of few persons has produced. You are free to have your opinion on this, however the criticism towards He and followers is based on facts, not on bias.

  7. I tried to check the list of publications of the editor-in-Chief Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty but it looks that he dropped that list from the internet!!!.
    I completely agree with Zahy about the similarity of his case and Al Naschie's case.

  8. You're right, and are both broken links now. (Abdel-Aty did fire Ji-Huan He.)

  9. Please see the recent manuscript based on Noor works:

    A note on the “Exp-function method for traveling waves of nonlinear evolution equations”

    In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 28 February 2012
    Pavel N. Ryabov, Stanislav A. Chesnokov
    Applied Mathematics and Computation

    You will see the real face of this so called researcher with third class work in his credit

  10. Look at the plagiarism made by Noor during 2006 and 07:

    Some iterative schemes for nonlinear equations Original Research Article
    Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 183, Issue 2, 15 December 2006, Pages 774-779
    Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor

    Improved iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations Original Research Article
    Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 184, Issue 2, 15 January 2007, Pages 270-275
    Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor

    Both articled are similar. Also what is the credibility of this journal?

  11. Most of the articles produced by Noor and his wife are third class, plagiarized and completely wrong (see sciencedirect and the works of changbum Chun). This man is honored by Pakistan Government by civil awards and he is the top scientist of OIC. Can we believe this?

  12. Naeem, Thank you for this additional information about Noor. I agree with you.

    By the way, the exp-function method that Noor writes about is due to Ji-Huan He as mentioned above. See Be careful with Exp-function method (PDF), which is very critical of the exp-function method.

    For Noor to be OIC's top scientist, if that's true, is incomprehensible. In fact one of the most amazing things I've ever heard. Indeed this page says "He has been recognized as Top Mathematician of the Muslim World by OIC and Top Leading Scientist and Engineer in Pakistan." Wow.

    I bet he could be taken down a notch by a letter-writing campaign.

    1. Dear Jason the world's leading muslin academic approved the publication of this article:

      There appear to be a few elementary mistakes in it, commencing with Gauss in 1934... on line 5

  13. :D I think the correct name is 'Gause' for this model [e.g., ]. What the authors did was on my final exam for an undergraduate nonlinear dynamics course.

  14. Now the question is who will write the journal's about this Noor family?

  15. Can you imagine this man Noor, his wife and his student namely Tauseef has more than 50 papers in one journal like World Applied Sciences Journal who is publishing every third class paper just for some token money

  16. The same is with the Journal of modern physics.

  17. The man is kicked from elsevier and springer due to similarity cases.

  18. No paper of this man in Taylor and Francies fro the last 10 years due to similarity cases.

  19. Recently he and his wife has been kicked from the editorship of Abstract and Applied Analysis due to their nonsense activities.

  20. He has more than 700 hundred papers but of third class quality.

  21. I think we should talk about some reputable persons from the mathematics community about all this.

  22. No body from the west cities him and never ever, only some chines, Indians and Muslims are citing his third class and wrong works.

  23. He can not speak even two words of English during any lecture. I heard him during a conference lecture at china, and he was just reproducing the written material on the board.

  24. Now the time is come to write about all this to his Institute and his Country President and also President to OIC. Another way is send the URL of this site to all these people to see these comments (Urgently)

  25. Perhaps someone should do that, then. El Naschie and the E-infinity group keep me busy though. I can't manage Noor.

  26. What happened Jason?

  27. They ended up firing Ji-Huan He.