Friday, July 30, 2010

Status report on the Ji-Huan He project

Some readers are impatient to get on with the Otto E. Rössler project. But we're not quite finished with Ji-Huan He. Several items from He's master list need elaboration as to their status. In some cases I'm not sure how to proceed. Repeated mass emails to editorial boards? Allow more time for compliance? Give up? The special cases are as follows:

11- International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (IJNSNS)
Ji-Huan He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief. IJNSNS has a hilariously rigged impact factor of 5 or 8 depending on the source. Mohamed El Naschie was a member of the editorial board. The publisher still lists him.

This is the only journal on He's master list that we haven't written to. The only chance of removing him is through shaming the publisher. But since Freund Publishing proudly boasts the fake 8 impact factor, they may have no shame.

Freund, by the way, is also responsible for 25- International Journal of Turbo and Jet Engines (IJTJE).

22- Arab Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (AJMMS) Emailed.
The Web site has not been updated yet to show El Naschie and He's removal as of July 30, 2010.

On June 1, Prof Shaher Momani wrote an email as follows:
from Prof. Shaher Momani
date Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 11:15 PM
subject Modification of the Editorial Board Members of AJMMS

Dear Viveka Nand,

I want to modify the Editorial Board Members of AJMMS. Please remove Dr. M. S. El Naschie from the Honorary Editors and Dr. Ji-Huan He from the Editors list of the journal as soon as possible.
I am waiting to hear your response as soon as possible.
With best regards

Sincerely Yours
Prof. Shaher Momani,
Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Science,
The University of Jordan,
Amman 11942,
Mobile: + 962 777500326

But despite a reminder from me on June 28

to "Prof. Shaher Momani",,,
date Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 6:42 AM
subject Re: Modification of the Editorial Board Members of AJMMS


It's been a month and the AJMMS Web site still has not been updated to remove M. S. El Naschie and Ji-Huan He. Would you please contact the Webmaster. Thanks.

Best regards,


the publisher's Web site has still not been updated to reflect the firings. This is sloth or incompetence on the part of the Web master, rather than intransigence by the Editor-in-Chief, so the red number is appropriate I think. But I do wish they'd fix the Web page.

33- International Journal of Electrospun Nanofibers and Applications (IJENA) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is the Editor-In-Chief, while the Great Man is the Honorary Editor.

Although He and El Naschie are still listed on the publisher's Web site, my persistent emails did eventually get this response:
date Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 4:41 AM
subject Re: Mohamed El Naschie and Ji-Huan He at International Journal of Electrospun Nanofibers and Applications (IJENA)

Dear Sir,
Do not send mail again.We have already stopped publications.

Serials Publications

I wrote back that the journal was still listed for sale. But as of today that seems no longer to be the case, because the order form page has been taken down. I think they really have stopped publishing. Probably I ought to turn the number from green to red.

Then there are the Begell House journals:

37- Journal of Porous Media (JPM) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is on the Editorial Board.

38- Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media -- An International Journal (STRPM) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is on the Editorial Board. This looks like a sister journal to the previous one and they could get a joint email.

President Yelena Shafeyeva of Begell House emailed me, and we plan to have a phone conversation about Ji-Huan He next week when she returns to the office.

43- Journal of the Textile Institute (JTI) Emailed.
A respectable journal with Impact Factor 0.360. Ji-Huan He is on the Editorial Board.

Editor-in-Chief Prof. David Buchanan, in response to my emails, wrote on July 6
Jason -

You should know that I think your rush to convict He is a bit unseemly. For your information, our Editorial Board has agreed to have the publisher and me seek more information on this matter before we make a decision... We , the publisheer, the Editorial Board, and I, will make our decision in due time,comensurate with typical investigations into alleged violations of research ethics. We do not intend to be pressured into a decision.

On July 8, after I updated him about further recent Ji-Huan He firings and asked for a time line, he emailed
Jason -

Thanks for the infromation. I anticipate our process will take several weeks.

David Buchanan

and he has been unresponsive since then. I'm not sure how long to give him.

However the cases above turn out, I will conclude the Ji-Huan He project with a mass mailing to all of the green-numbered journals. This will compare them unfavorably with the red-numbered journals. Sort of a Goofus and Gallant email.

Posts about Ji-Huan He:

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