Wednesday, August 4, 2010

El Naschie coauthored with each brother

First, a little background.

The three brothers spell their surname النشائي differently in the Roman alphabet.

Mohamed is the eldest brother. Amr is the youngest.

Amr, sometimes writing under the name scorpion300, frequently attributes Mohamed's reputational problems to Said, and accuses any El Naschie critic he encounters of actually being Said. Wisely, Said doesn't get involved in the various Internet fights that Amr tries to pick with him. That much we knew. We also knew from the Birthday Book that El Naschie wrote a paper with Amr. The rest of the information in this post, mostly gathered by Zahy, is new to us.

First, we have the actual paper written with Amr.

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Notice from the references that while El Naschie's PhD thesis "The Role of Formulation in Elastic Buckling" has mysteriously disappeared, a derivative paper based upon it may be available. El Nashie [sic. an early spelling later abandoned], M.S., The Role of Formulation in Elastic Buckling and the Stablility of Spherical Shells, Zeitschrift fur Angewandete Mathematik und Mechanik (ZAMM) Vol. 55, NRG Sept. 1975, pp. 533-534.

Also notice the following passage.

...the only post buckling behavior study of the ring under external pressure known to the Author is that of Ref. 3...

This Freudian slip tends to confirm what Amr said in the Birthday Book:

I decided to pursue an academic career. This was in 1973 [sic. 1975], the year my name appeared on a paper [the very one above], with Mohammed [sic. Mohamed], published in the Journal of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It remains as the first journal paper on my curriculum vitae, notwithstanding that I do not understand a word in it, I followed in the footsteps of my eldest brother and pursued research in advanced structural engineering.

Finally, although we don't have the paper itself, we have learned that El Naschie wrote one with the other brother, Said.

The connection between fluid and elastostatical turbulence
Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Volume 15, Issue 11, 1991, Pages 17-23. Available online 1 April [N.B. Not a joke.] 2002.

M.S. El Naschie
Cornell University, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering Upson and Grumman Halls, Ithaca, NY 14853-7501, U.S.A.


S.S.E.H. Elnashaie
Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Abstract: This work represents a preliminary attempt to establish some connection between loop solitons and the onset of spatial irregularity of motion due to the movement of a cylinder in a fluid. It is shown here that the path taken by certain fluid particles corresponds to a spatial homoclinic orbit and may be rendered chaotic by spatial deterministic fluctuations. Subsequently, a hypothetical model is constructed for an elastic string whose deformation resembles some of the vortex wake produced by the movement of the cylinder.

If anyone happens to have access to the PDF, please email it and I'll add it to this post.

UPDATE: Thanks to an anonymous reader for providing PDFs. First we have the Mohamed and Said paper.

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We also have the spin-off paper from El Naschie's PhD thesis.

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It is no more than a brief note, unfortunately, despite having a title almost the same as his thesis. I'm assuming his thesis is a work of actual thesis quality and length. But of course we have no proof of that, since University College London has lost it.

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday August 5. Nano and nuclear. Arabic or English.

    First of a two-parter. El Naschie babbles incoherently about the Ottoman Empire, Britain being "the sick man of Europe", the Crimean War, and various other things unrelated to the title of the column. He often does this with the first installment of two-parters. Tomorrow, undoubtedly, he will tell us that Egypt should invest in nuclear and nano technology. He also probably will tell us that youth are Egypt's greatest resource, that education needs funding, and that Egypt is lucky to have such a fine leader as President Hosni Mubarak.

  2. Jason, you may find the articles you mention above here:

  3. WOW! You rule. Thank you. Exactly what I wanted.

  4. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Friday August 6. Ataturk's error. Arabic or English.

    Conclusion of a two-parter. El Naschie says Kemal Ataturk, founder of the modern Turkish Republic, made a big mistake in attributing the Ottoman Empire's backwardness to Islam. (Ataturk famously promoted a secular Turkey.) El Naschie talks of a historical Japanese misconception that white people are scientific and Japanese are brave militarily. He says Egypt suffers a similar misconception, such as not being able to work together. But he gives the pyramids as a counterexample among others.

    Finally he comes to his main point. Nuclear energy and nanotechnology are the future backbone of the economy. Agriculture, desalination and materials science all will benefit. He concludes by praising "the three leaders of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak."

    If you look at the first comment you'll see I pretty much predicted what he would say.

    There is no Saturday column.

  5. Hi Jason,
    Have you noticed the address of El naschie on the paper "Influence of loading behaviors
    on the post Buckling of Circular rings"
    University college, London
    Present address: University of Riyadh.

    Is that strange a man of virtue like El naschie just after finishing his Ph.D (1974)
    join a university in third world country not his home country. A man like him would
    spend many post doc. in England or get permanent job there in the most prestigious
    university. Of course this happened latter when he joined Cambridge for 11
    years (1991-2002)??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Notice Amr El nashai address is Cairo university. That means Amr El naschie has taken his Bachelor degree from Cairo university. This can be confirmed from his website

    The same applies for Said in his paper titled
    you find the afilliation is Cairo university and the present address is Chemical Engineering Department, King Saud University, Hiyadh, P.O. Box 800,
    Saudi Arabia.
    Also one can conclude that Said El naschie has been graduated from Cairo university.

    We are left only with the great man who has been graduated from Hanover, Germany as he is claming. Can any one confirm this. It could be another lie that the great man has been graduated from Germany, I think German readers can help in this respect.

  6. Wow! Haha. It had not occurred to me to be skeptical of the Hanover degree. Yes, German readers please help.

  7. Hi Jason,
    Here you will find a CV for Said Elnashai
    You will find Said has been graduated from Cairo university(B.Sc. Chemical Engineering,1968).
    Said has taken his Ph.D 1973 (Ph.D.Chemical
    Engineering(University of Edinburgh,U.K., 1973).
    It means approximately at the same time like the great man.

    Also one can guess the age of Said to be around
    seventy. Remember he is graduated from cairo university in 1968, then you can say his age at that time about 22 years. He is more less the same age like the great man, maybe there three years difference.

    Then why El naschie's father sent only the great man to learn in Germany and not to send Said as well. It think it is an interesting question, as the great man told us that his father was a dictator and forced him to study Engineering. Then why he didn't also force Said to study in Germany.

  8. Zahy, here are related details from the Birthday Book. Mohamed is oldest, then Said, then Amr. Amr says "At the age of 12 I went to Germany and spent Christmas and New Year with Mohammed at 10 Schmidt Strasse, Hannover, Germany... I decided to stay in Germany. When Mohammed mentioned this to our father on the phone, the latter threatened to contact the Egyptian Consulate and bring me back by force!" That sounds like his father was in Egypt, not Hamburg. Amr also says "I approach the big Five-0" and since this was for El Naschie's 60'th, it means Amr is about ten years younger.

  9. Jason, unrelated to the great man, I've been sitting on a stack of crackpot papers from another "esteemed" Elsevier journal: Nonlinear Analysis and its various spin offs. Here ( ) you will find a collection of papers that make El Naschie appear to be a real scientist in comparison. Apparently everything from the GUT to turbulence to Fermat's last theorem has been resolved using "dark numbers" and "the mathematics of the new physics." Clearly, the guy publishing in Nonlinear Analysis is nowhere as flamboyant as The Great Man; perhaps he just another "harmless crackpot" but I think this shows yet again the quality of Elsevier's editorial boards. Let's not even go into how awful the "not even wrong" papers in Nonlinear Analysis are...I have had to recently make them pull papers from the "in press" queue due to these being based on results well-known to be wrong...What is most shocking, however, is that J.-H. He is not on those editorial boards!

  10. "What is most shocking, however, is that J.-H. He is not on those editorial boards!" Haha! :) Anonymous, thank you for that treasure trove of crackpottery. 13 papers, wow.