Monday, August 2, 2010

El Naschie misses Nobel Laureate meeting

The 2010 Nobel Laureate meeting took place at Bavaria's picturesque Lindau Island from June 27 through July 2. Here's the program (PDF). You can watch videos of the Laureates' presentations, including those of David Gross and Gerard 't Hoof.

Lindau has hosted the Nobel Laureate meetings annually since 1951.

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie had been expected to give a presentation about his paradigm-shifting fractal Cantorian space-time "E-infinity theory", but to the consternation of the assemblage of distinguished scientists, he did not show up.

It is believed that unexpected problems with his Canon PowerShot SX200 prevented him from attending.

Hat tip to Luboš Motl, who blogged about the Lindau meeting.

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