Monday, August 23, 2010

El Naschie's epitaph for Bondi in CSF, and more

I am waiting eagerly for El Naschie's next Rosa Al-Youssef column, which will be up on Rosa in three hours and on El Naschie Watch after I have translated it into English. In the meantime, Zahy provides these PDFs for our interest. They will be useful for reference.

El Naschie wrote this shortly after Bondi died.
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This next paper is dedicated to Barta's memory, but isn't about him. Various E-infinity group members appear in the references.
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Almost-Black-Holes: an Old-New Paradigm shows that El Naschie historically may have been a bad influence on Otto E. Rössler as long ago as 1997, although the black holes discussed here are not microscopic, as in Rössler's current obsession.
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