Friday, August 27, 2010

Four more Otto E. Rössler communications

These are from achtphasen, Rössler's current venue of choice for getting his LHC warnings out to the world.

The August 22 communication includes a link to A Rational and Moral and Spiritual Dilemma, by Otto E. Rössler:

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The August 22 communication also includes 16 comments. Rössler joins in, defending himself from criticism by a commenter named Dennis.

A reader tells us of the Nazi past of Otto E. Rössler's father, German or English. Many of Rössler's statements in his communications can be understood as an attempt to distance himself from that. He also tells us that the J.O.R to whom Rössler dedicates everything is his son, Jonas Otto Rössler, who died in a tragic car accident in which Rössler was also involved. German Zeit article, or Google's English translation.

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. there are now many more comments. Of Rössler and of critics. In one comment, Rössler again compares himself to Galileo.

  2. You're right, it's like a wild party over there.

  3. Here is more of Rössler, showing that he still teaches at University Tübingen. He holds lectures, and many seminars, all just loaded with heavy crackpot stuff:

    Interesting is that no one stopps him to tell students nonsens. The university not even distances itself from that stuff....

    By the way, here is his book which he might use in some of his lectures:

  4. Even more of Rössler: