Friday, August 6, 2010

Gerardo Iovane and Leonard J. Malinowski in CSF

A reader pointed out a travesty of a paper by Leonard J. Malinowski. Golden mean energy equals highest atomic electron orbital energy, Leonard J. Malinowski, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals Vol. 42 (2009) pp. 3130–3131. It was accepted for publication by editor Gerardo Iovane, whose picture is shown.

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Ray Munroe gives us some background:

Hi Jason,

Len Malinowski is my friend. He is a chemist in Pennsylvania whom I have also never met. CS&F originally rejected his submission, but they suggested that he should correspond with "the great American physicist, Dr. Ray Munroe" (funny huh - no one else addresses me that way - I think too many think I'm a maverick or a goof). I liked Len's fundamental idea (which is based on Scale Invariance and Scale Relativity) but didn't like the overall presentation - it was almost information overload. I gave my recommendations for improvements to both Len and CS&F, and they decided to publish his ideas in a raw, unedited, form. I can honestly say that some peer review did take place.

Len has a website at if you want more detail on his ideas. The downfall of El Naschie as CS&F Editor affected the publication of Len's ideas - many papers had been accepted by CS&F but will probably never make publication.

By the way, I'm working on a paper that should reinforce these ideas of Scale Invariance. Is it crackpottery just because someone doesn't understand it?

Have Fun!

The Scalativity site does not inspire confidence. Great sound effects though. Try mousing over the menu items on the top of the page.

Brotherhood member Gerardo Iovane himself writes more lengthy tripe:

The set of prime numbers: Multiscale analysis and numeric accelerators
Gerardo Iovane
Communicated by: Prof Ji-Huan He
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals Vol. 41 (2009) pp. 1953-1965

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Thanks to The Golden Mean in Quantum Mechanics and High Energy Physics for the Iovane paper. This embarrassment was accepted for publication in CSF by the infamous Ji-Huan He.

Ji-Huan He of course writes nonsense papers about the fractal dimension of wool, and about the fatalness of viruses, based upon El Naschie's E-infinity theory.

Posts about Prof. Gerardo Iovane:

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  1. Hi Jason,

    I understood that El Naschie Watch was designed to undermine El Naschie and his friends. Perhaps some of El Naschie's actions deserved to be exposed, and perhaps some of his ideas were never presented clearly enough in one place, but that doesn't mean that all of his ideas are 100% garbage either.

    Len was a professional chemist for 20+ years who took off work for three years - on his own money (not a government grant...) - to develop his theoretical ideas. His main idea (he calls scalativity, but it is essentially a theory of scale-invariance) is an interesting thesis. He submitted several papers to CS&F, and it looks like you are picking on one of his least-developed ideas. He finally ran low on money, and had to go back to work. I think he is at BASF now.

    I am working on a paper that will reinforce scale invariance, and potentially lend more credance to some of Iovane's and Malinowski's ideas. It is a shame that you are too close-minded to see the possibilities...

    I don't recall ever seeing your publication list...

    Have Fun!

  2. Ray, check your email for my publication list.

  3. Leonard J. Malinowski have known the rule of the game just to write any trash and cite El naschie's work. And this will guarantee the publication. He cited El naschie five time in the his article Chaos, Solitons and Fractals Vol. 42 (2009) pp. 3130–3131.