Thursday, August 5, 2010

The high-tech behemoth of the white minority

A reader points out that this page on achtphasen is a good place to watch for announcements from Rössler himself.

Currently at the top of the page is Otto E. Rossler | “Worst Danger of History: New Reading of Einstein Proves Current CERN Experiment Is Dirty Bomb“ which is also available in German: Otto E. Rössler | Offener Brief an das Europäische Parlament (zu der zur Abstimmung zugelassenen Petiton PETI_OJ(2010)187_1; Nr. 63). Hierzu: "Moratorium erbeten". At the end of the article he signs with this strange title or qualification:

Dr. med. Dr. h.c., Professor of theoretical biochemistry (voluntary) and Professor of chemistry (involuntary) at the University of Tubingen

He seems to be saying that the University represses him with the "chemistry professor" label. I remember an anecdote a reader told where Rössler refused to teach some standard course and another professor had to be brought in, so that fits.

Farther down that page is a mysterious July 13 note, Otto E. Rössler | “Saving All Lives: A Medical Doctor’s Dream“, in which he says

In an age in which 90 percent of all young people live outside the European tradition, the impression must be avoided that barefoot science – pure thought – could be superior to the high-tech behemoth of the white minority.

Is he saying that the Large Hadron Collider is racist? Surely I misunderstand. Someone please tell me what on earth he's babbling about.

UPDATE: “Western Fundamentalism Acutely Threatens Planet” just came in today from Rössler, with this quote:

I speak up in the name of the voiceless nonwhite young majority of the planet because I am their friend.

He does have a fixation on race.

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