Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Ji-Huan He wrap-up email

I just sent this to 376 recipients.

Dear scientific colleagues, editors and publishers:

All of you receiving this email have two things in common. The first is that we at El Naschie Watch have warned you about Prof. Ji-Huan He and the danger his editorship poses to your reputations. The second is your inadequate response to the revelations about him.

For further background to the circumstances culminating in this email, see Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial positions and Status report on the Ji-Huan He project.

WIN journals

The following journals did the right thing by firing Ji-Huan He. Accordingly, they have been spared receipt of this email.

FAIL journals

The following journals are inducted into the Hall of Shame for keeping Ji-Huan He on your editorial boards. In some cases a pretense was made that Ji-Huan He was under investigation and nothing more was heard; but in most cases there was simply no response.

1- Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics Emailed. I was last edited Friday 13th of August 2010 08:22:33 AM, and Ji-Huan he is missing, so it looks like He was just removed as a result of this email.

2- World Applied Sciences Journal (WASJ) Emailed. And emailed again.
Ji-Huan He is one of several Editors-in-Chief. Also see #6 on this list.

3- International Journal of Control Theory and Applications (IJCTA)
Emailed. This was a better link for the email addresses:

4- Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (JEAS) Emailed.

5- Research Journal of Applied Science (RJAS) Emailed.

6- World Applied Sciences Journal (WASJ) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is an Editor-in-Chief. Although the URL is different and Editorial Board lists are not in synch, this is the same journal as number two, and is therefore taken care of.

7- Member of the advisory board of the American-Eurasian network for scientific information (AENSI) Emailed.

9- International Journal of computational mathematics and numerical simulation Emailed.
He is an editor and El Naschie is an honorary editor.

10- Applied Mathematical Sciences, Hikari Ltd (AMS) Emailed.

11- International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (IJNSNS)
Ji-Huan He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief. IJNSNS has a hilariously rigged impact factor of 5 or 8 depending on the source. Mohamed El Naschie was a member of the editorial board. The publisher still lists him.

12- Progress in Nonlinear Science (PNS) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is the Editor-in-Chief.

13- Nonlinear Science Letters A (NSLA) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is the Editor-in-Chief.

15- Research and reviews in polymer Emailed.

17- Journal of Computational Technologies
This is another page for number 20, so there's no need to do this.

18- Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A Emailed.
A reputable journal with a 2008 impact factor of 0.737.

19- Facta Universitatis Emailed.
Series Mechanics, Automatic Control and Robotics

20- Computational Technologies Emailed.

25- International Journal of Turbo and Jet Engines (IJTJE) Emailed.
For an explanation of how he got that position, see this note.

26- National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Emailed.
Not an editorship, but related: In 1999, according to Yury Mitropolsky in this note, Ji-Huan He was made "Honorary Professor" of the International Mathematical Center, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

33- International Journal of Electrospun Nanofibers and Applications (IJENA) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is the Editor-In-Chief, while the Great Man is the Honorary Editor.

35- The Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and its Applications (TJNSA) Emailed.
El Naschie and He can be found among the Honorary Chairmen, while He is also a member of the Editorial Board together with L. Marek-Crnjac, whose nationality is wrongly stated, and Gerardo Iovane. They are E-Infinity group members.

37- Journal of Porous Media (JPM) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is on the Editorial Board.

38- Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media -- An International Journal (STRPM) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is on the Editorial Board. This looks like a sister journal to the previous one and they could get a joint email.

42- Iranian Polymer Journal (IPJ) Emailed.
Ji-Huan He is on the International Advisory Board.

43- Journal of the Textile Institute (JTI) Emailed.
A respectable journal with Impact Factor 0.360. Ji-Huan He is on the Editorial Board.

Best regards,

Jason of El Naschie Watch

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  1. People apparently still take J.-H. He seriously:

  2. Ooooh, that's a good one. The thing to do is email everyone on the Committees page, but it's a formidable task requiring extensive Googling.