Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Otto E. Rössler

Thanks to a reader for providing these Rössler tidbits. Here they are with links enabled and only minor editing.

In Western Fundamentalism Acutely Threatens Planet, Rössler compares himself to Galileo Galilei:

Open Letter to NYT, Guardian, Spiegel and WikiLeaks on the day of Hiroshima:

For the first time since Galilei, new scientific results are being rejected unanimously by the scientific community without anyone offering a counterproof. The difference this time around: The community is betting their OWN lives and those of their children and everyone else’s on the decision not to check. The check would just take a few days’ conference.

The new result reads: Black holes are (1) uncharged, (2) indestructible, (3) endowed with unique growth properties inside earth when man-made ("cold").

CERN refuses to quote or offer a disproof for years, but in defiance is now ramping up for months in a row the luminosity (and hence dangerousness) of its “hopefully” black-hole producing celebrated LHC experiment.

The International Court for Crimes Against Humanity, UNO and the world press keep silent in obeysance to “no one’s” voice. So do Israel, Persia and North Korea. The pope is among the people who have been asked. He refused to offer his summer residency Castel Gandolfo for a scientic safety meeting in 2008. No high-standing scientist dares talk to me. I speak up in the name of the voiceless nonwhite [obsessing about race again] young majority of the planet because I am their friend. For J.O.R.

Otto E. Rossler, chaos researcher and father of Lampsacus, hometown of all persons on the Internet

P.S.: Famous philosopher Paul Virilio and the International Institute for Applied Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics are on my side.

Achtphasen also has this long comment from him, which includes an odd claim:

Herr Petera glaubt stärker als ich an die Stringtheorie. Doch er übersieht, dass ich einen Beweis für ihre Richtigkeit angegeben habe [Mr. Petera believes more strongly than I do in string theory. But he overlooks the fact that I have given a proof of its correctness]

Over on the LHC News Blog, Rössler modestly compares himself and an acolyte to Einstein.

In 1996, I became the only Western scientist officially declared crazy by the state for civil disobedience. And my student is the only Western PhD student to be denied his degree for originality (a mass and size change in the gravitational field)...

...I was compared to Einstein when I was young. My student was called “Einstein” as a child. Why despair that a single individual cannot save us all?

He also is confused or lying about the Leibnitz Sozietät to which he belongs.

And the venerable Leibniz-Sozietaet of which Einstein was a member.

However, this association was founded in the DDR (the former communist part of Germany) around 1955. Einstein never went back to Germany after the second world war. And he certainly was not a member of the scientific association of the communist part of Germany.

We have done a pretty good job of getting Ji-Huan He kicked off journals, and can move on to Rössler now. Fortunately, he belongs to far fewer journals than He.

Thanks to mental_floss for design elements of the graphic.

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  1. The great man authored with Rossler
    Almost-Black-Holes: an Old-New Paradigm

    Division of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Tubingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 8, 72076, Tubingen, Germany

    Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge, Silver Street,
    Cambridge, U.K.

    Chaos, Solitons & Fractals Vol. 9, No. 7, pp. 1025-1034, 1998

    Is it possible that El naschie is the person who told Rossler that his junk stuff could be relevant to LHC experiment. Rossler madly belived that to the extent that he is asking for independent investigation for mini black holes production within the frame work of E-infinity theory. !!!!!!!!

  2. And here is the full PDF:
    Bondi and Prigogine both appear in the references. I see nothing in it about stability of microscopic black holes, but it's from 1997 so that's no surprise.