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Three old Telegraph comments from sockpuppets

We are the repository for everything El Naschie, so even though these pro El Naschie comments are from 2008, they deserve a home here. It's not merely a neurosis or affectation that we collect these things. Having them all on El Naschie Watch helps with text searches. Zahy pointed out this thread from whence the three comments came.

D. Grayson
09/11/2008 10:48 PM

I could only shake my head when I heard what Prof. Steven Hawking had to say about the large Hadron collider to assure the public that the earth will not be swallowed by a mini black hole. It is alright to assure the public but not on the account of scientific truthfulness. Hawking said (and this was quoted in the media for instance The Daily Telegraph, Wed. 10th Sept. on the first page) that the energy released in the collision of two particles in the reactor is comparable to two mosquitoes colliding. Even when we grant what is not true, that there are only two particles colliding in the reactor, then we can conclude from this statement that Prof. Hawking doesn’t know anything about the butterfly effect. Prof. Edward Lorenz coined this expression to illustrate the unbelievable effect which can exist in a nonlinear chaotic system, for instance the weather. Imagine a butterfly fluttering its wings in California could in part be the cause of a hurricane in Florida. I think that part of the over confidence of certain high energy scientists in their experiments is due to their general ignorance of nonlinear dynamics and deterministic chaos. I can only recommend to all of them to join a course on nonlinear dynamics which is now offered by most Universities in the West. Alternatively they could ask experts on the subject such as Mitchell Feigenbaum or in this particular case Prof. Otto Rossler. On the other hand it may be too late.

In fact Shemanski in Scientific American ( suggested a committee Chaired by Prof. Sir Roger Penrose with Nobel laureate Prof. Gerrard ‘tHooft, Prof. Mohamed El Naschie and Prof. John Eileses from CERN to submit a binding report before commencing this experiment. Rossler said that the only theory which can accurately predict if a mini black hole can swallow the earth or not is E-infinity theory. Since the experiment has already started it is very difficult to stop it now. There may be interest groups behind all of that but compared to what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq, this is really harmless. If we must choose, I would rather spend billions on useless science than destructive wars. Wouldn’t it be much better to spend all this money to improve the lives of elderly people in Europe than discovering if Higgs is right or wrong? You said I could have my say. This is my say.

09/16/2008 02:25 PM

Prof. Otto Rössler, the renowned German scientist and many of his American colleagues have only been warning ‘what if’. What we know about the universe and what we know about quantum gravity is just a trickle of many other mysteries. Rössler correctly points out that when the risk is infinitely large, i.e. loosing the entire globe, then it is time to check our scientific curiosity for the benefit of humanity as a whole. This planet is not owned only by curious scientists. In fact behind these scientists are huge industrial vested interests such as construction companies and giant electro-technical concerns. In the case of David Kelly we saw how far these interest groups could go. I am saying intentionally could because we do not know exactly the cause of the death of David Kelly. However it is not unknown in the history of humanity that the establishment tries to silence adversary scientific theory. It took hundreds of years for the Vatican to admit that Galileo was right. Never the less, Bruno lost his life in this heated scientific debate in the renascence.

Sometime ago it was suggested that we need a world government. Many names were suggested. I remember reading the name of Noam Chomsky, Mohamed El Naschie, Roger Penrose, Yehudi Menuhin and many others. Otto Rössler was among them. Otto was against the war on Serbia, the war on Iraq and all sorts of wars. He is thoroughly a humanist with the kindest of hearts. However there is an element in the German society stemming from its old authoritarian tradition which does not easily swallow a person like Rössler. There is a marked difference here between the three great European nations, Germany, England and France. I remember very well when one day during the student revolts, the Prime Minister of France at the time asked General de Gaulle to arrest the red cancerous cell of France, Jean Paul Satre. General de Gaulle themilitary man was shocked and retorted immediately we cannot arrest Voltaire. Such is the respect for science, art and philosophy in France. In Germany, even today’s Germany, you will find a lot of people who are ready to smear dissidents like Otto Rössler. The Germans have come a long way since Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolf Hitler but they are not completely there yet. I read yesterday a malicious article published in the largest newspaper in Frankfurt attacking Otto Rössler simply for airing his concerns about the experiment in CERN. I just happen to know the people behind it very well and I find this all extremely sad. Otto has said that there are a few theories which can give us an accurate prediction for what the experiment at CERN could entail. He mentioned string theories limitation and expressed the hope that fractal spacetime and E-infinity theory could answer the puzzle of radiating or non-radiating mini black holes. Rössler is of course guilty of naivety. He does not realize that once the industrial machinery went into motion, then billions of dollars are at stake. That is the reason behind the hurry and who knows, tomorrow may never come but who cares? The problem of Otto Rössler is that he cares and he cares genuinely and deeply.

10/05/2008 02:08 PM

The comments on this site need updating because things have moved since. The experiment had to be interrupted. Officially the reason given was the coolant. To do the experiment you need the esoteric temperature of minus 271 degrees. This is quite close to the absolute zero, whatever this is. You need that to be able to accelerate particles close to the speed of light. CERN will not be able to resume the experiment before six months. Some unofficial rumor had it that someone interfered with the experiment by breaking into the computer of CERN but this has been denied officially by CERN. Any case CERN now has time to check the theoretical validity of the claims of Otto Rossler and his colleagues. It has repeatedly been claimed that only the theory of El Naschie which is dubbed E-infinity or Cantorian spacetime could make a prediction about what will happen, i.e. if the experiment could create a mini black hole which in time could swallow the earth rather than evaporate. I have
a problem with this claim for the following reason. First Prof. El Naschie has published only one paper on black holes and has never discussed the experiment of CERN in a scientific paper. Second having the benefit of understanding and reading Arabic to a reasonable extent, I became aware of an interview which Prof. Mohamed El Naschie gave to the Egyptian daily newspaper Al Akhbar on the 22nd September 2008 in which he dispelled all the fear about the experiment. I do not know the exact subject in which Prof. El Naschie is an expert because he is very famous in the Arab world for advocating nanotechnology. In fact in Akhbar Elyom which is the widest distributed Egyptian newspaper worldwide, someone compared Mohamed El Naschie with Nobel laureate Ahmed Zewail. This was on 20th September, 2008. I find this comparison very difficult to understand. Zewail is an experimental chemist who invented the femtosecond or something in this direction but Mohamed El Naschie is a theoretician and I think originally an engineer. All the same he is very famous in Arabia for his integrity and I am inclined to accept his word that the experiment is safe as far as human beings could judge these things.

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  1. This the interview with the great man about LHC experiment. You can find it in

    It was originally in Egyptian daily newspaper Al Akhbar on the 22nd September 2008 (, but I can't get it.

    El naschie mentioned in this interview the following:
    According to my theory (of course E-infinity), there is a danger risk for LHC experiment which doesn't exceed 1 over billion.

  2. Nice. That's an awesome interview. I'll do a post on that.

  3. News from otto Rössler:

  4. Thank you! I see one of his communications has 12 comments on it. Very nice.

    He writes (Für J.O.R.) at the end of all his letters. Is that his wife?

  5. J.O.R is his son Jonas Otto Rössler, who died in a tragic car accident in which Rössler was also involved:

    (Rössler also often mentions communist parties and Israel as his allies. This seems to be a way to clear himself from the nazi history of his father,