Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thrilling conclusion of the Jewish scientists saga

This is continued from my previous post of this series, El Naschie on Ilya Prigogine: Another Jewish scientist.

El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Wednesday August 25. Nonsense about the promised land. Original Arabic. My translation appears below.

I strengthened my relationship with the world-famous scientist Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine. He even told me one day after refusing an invitation to visit Israel that he wonders how true scientists and intellectuals can believe in the superstition of a Promised Land for Russian Jews.

Prigogine was originally born in Russia before emmigrating to Belgium. He said: God's promise to the Jews gives them the territory of Arabs in Palestine?

So I remembered that it was not God Almighty who promised them this land, but rather the call of an Austrian journalist named Theodor Herzl to create a homeland for Jews throughout the world, establishing Israel and the so-called Nakba. One day I was giving a lecture at the Free University of Brussels in the presence of Prigogine. My younger brother Dr. Amr Elnaschai was in the lecture hall sitting next to Prigogine. [Amr himself, who is sometimes known as Scorpion300, tells a slightly different version of this story. Search for the "July, 23 2008 17:39:59" timestamp in the SCIAM archive.]

After the lecture Amr told me he heard Prigogine say he was impressed with my lecture to the point that he had decided to recommend me for the next year's highest award in theoretical physics.

I could not believe what Amr told me. I considered it a compliment to then be asked by Prigogine to deliver the same lecture in his office in the presence of a large number of teachers.

Since that day my theory has built upon Prigogine's. I have a team of assistants [the E-infinty group] to work with me, which has had a positive impact. The only negative comes from a strong jealousy that a mere construction engineer named Mohamed, of Egyptian nationality, should have succeeded in drawing the attention of the world-famous scientist Prigogine. To aggravate matters, I was an Arab; and then there was my religion. [El Naschie is a Sunni Muslim like most Egyptians. He often blames not having a Nobel Prize on being an Arab, a Muslim and being named Mohamed.]

I will not dwell on the stealing of my ideas [by Renate Loll et al., he alleges] and the publishing of them in a U.S. magazine [Scientific American. See our SCIAM archive about this] or on the fierce campaign led by a group of haters, which has become a legal case in the Supreme Court of a European capital [London]. So don't use these words to justify crimes committed against my right, and the right of all my students, to work on my theory.

I just want to express my respect to my teachers who were mostly of Jewish origin. They had not a trace of racist or Zionist thinking. However, I must mention that there is a lot of racism and Zionist thinking in Israel. Not everyone in Israel, for example Uri Avnery and my colleague Professor Itamar Procaccia [also mentioned in FQXi-395, Shrink notes] of the Weizmann Institute in Israel with whom I have participated in several attempts to reconcile the ideas of peace in the Middle East with the grim realities on the ground.

He and I were unsuccessful at producing any positive result, but at least we tried. It's all one can do.

Despite the failure I have a deep sense that real peace is possible between the Arabs and Israel, but first Israel must rid itself of the philosophy of Zionism and its state religion. And there we let it rest.

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  1. Oh, yes, pure jealousy must be the cause to see a nonexistent paper co-authored with Prigogine. :D

  2. الأستاذ الدكتور أثمار بروكتشيا --> Professor Dr. Othmar بروكتشيا


    The only Othmar in the Weizmann's database is Othmar Ludwiczek, an Austrian from the University Hospital Innsbruck.

  3. Oh, you found the right guy! It seems "babylon" didn't give the best translation in this case. :)

  4. Oh, yes:

    "Much of what he knows about chaos was taught to him by his Israeli friend, the well known scientist Itamar Procaccia from the Wiseman Inst. as well as the legendary figure of chaos, Mitchell Feigenbaum. El Naschie was highly impressed by the overall personality of Mitchell although he did not share his passion for red wine and smoking. El Naschie is almost a vegetarian, unlike Mitchell who lives from red meat."

    From: E-infinity 12 wrote on Mar. 22, 2010 @ 18:34 GMT


    And, of course, typical illiteracy from E-Infinity sock-puppets:

    Weizmann Institute --> Wiseman Inst.


    P.S. I didn't know the Great Man is a vegetarian. :D

  5. Yes, I found him! Google translated his name as Professor Procaccia Fruits. :)

  6. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday August 26. Israel between Rhodesia and Zimbabwe. Original Arabic or Bing's English.

    El Naschie criticizes Israel as a racist state, comparing them with Rhodesia, which became Zimbabwe post apartheid.

  7. I found this link, and it seems that there are El naschie sock-puppets.

    You can read Javed's comment which is interesting but it is old dated 2008.
    Short bits:
    ....It has repeatedly been claimed that only the theory of El Naschie which is dubbed E-infinity or Cantorian spacetime could make a prediction about what will happen, i.e. if the experiment could create a mini black hole which in time could swallow the earth rather than evaporate....

    ...I became aware of an interview which Prof. Mohamed El Naschie gave to the Egyptian daily newspaper Al Akhbar on the 22nd September 2008 in which he dispelled all the fear about the experiment.....

  8. Thank you Zahy. In a few minutes I am going to send you something interesting, so check your email.