Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog comments not working very well

There have been many unsuccessful attempts recently to post comments on this blog. Sometimes they appear briefly and then disappear. Sometimes they appear but are out-of-sync with the recent comments widget.

If you have trouble, try one of the following.

  • Add a throwaway comment, say "testing", before your real comment.

  • IMPORTANT: Save your comment on your computer until after it has been successfully posted for at least five minutes. Otherwise you may have to type the whole thing again.

  • If your comment is long, break it into smaller parts and post them separately.

  • Try adding your comment to the most recent blog post instead of the one it's related to.

  • Try adding it to a blog post that has no comments in it yet.

  • Email me the comment telling me the name/alias/handle you want to post it under, and the post you want it to appear under. Maybe I will have better luck. If not, I can surely add your comment to the body of the post.

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  1. (This is repeatedly deleted from its intended posting, El Naschie's house in Surrey has been found! by your wonderful blog software. Will it survive here?)

    > very cautious

    maybe it is a double agent penetrated the cult of E-infinity.

    > I don't know who Smith is, what standard is being referred to, or why E-infinity is mentioned. Mysterious.

    Here are some guesses

    > Your blogsite repeatedly deletes the attempted comment:

    This certainly happens here. The blog comment software is infuriatingly unstable, and convinces people that you are censoring. Is there no way to diagnose the problem?

    > This used to be seen on the Smith or Castro site, but came off.

    If the "Castro site" is the Cyberia one you quote here, then the "Smith" site is probably this one, with overlapping material
    So your anonymous correspondent is forwarding something removed from one or the other website?

    > It means even The Naschie has a standard.

    Perhaps that even the great one has some standard re what he's willing to put his name on?

    > From E-infinity

    Perhaps referring to the message from Ord if that was included in same message?

  2. I'm not even able to get a comment to stick here... why can't this blog software be fixed?

  3. Ahhh.... but that one worked, didn't it?

    I don't know how to fix it. I think the comment software is closed-source code owned by Google.

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