Tuesday, September 28, 2010

El Naschie Almesryoon interview September 23

The great man is interviewed by reporter Mohamed Hamdy of the newspaper Almesryoon ("The Egyptian"). Original Arabic. Google's English translation is pasted in at the bottom of this page.

Summary of El Naschie's statements:

Egypt is losing the race on nanotechnology and nuclear technology, and must hurry up. It's time to get over the chill Chernobyl put on the nuclear industry. Let's build 12 reactors in 25 years to desalinate water. Israel and the US are blocking Egypt's nuclear aspirations. Mohamed ElBaradei also doesn't support Egypt's nuclear aspirations, and he did nothing to stop the Iraq war.

It's easier to build an atomic bomb than a Mercedes automobile. Egypt could build one in six months. However, small ones to put in missiles are harder.

This part's in the voice of the interviewer:

El Naschie is a leading scholar in Egypt and abroad, nominated in 2006 for the Nobel. He says Egypt should not sign or renew the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty until Israel has.

El Naschie twelve years ago called for a nanotechnology initiative with at most fifty million pounds budget, funded by himself if necessary [!] but unaccountably the government didn't heed his call.

After El Naschie gave his first speech on nanotechnology [implying his speech was the reason], Israel took it up.

El Naschie called the state of education in Egypt "a very shameful thing". [Except, I suppose, for Alexandria University.]

Mohamed Hamdy (Egypt): | 23-09-2010 01:19

Confirmed nuclear scientist, Dr Mohamed El Naschie, Egypt is long overdue in the construction of the nuclear program, after she stopped to go in building a nuclear plant Balillap in the eighties, due to "dramatize" the United States and Western countries by the explosion of the reactor, "Chernobyl".
He said in a statement to the "Egyptians": "There is no doubt we missed a train nuclear and we are now Maskin in the tail, but this did not Evtna train nanotechnology, although it is clear that we will even catch the tail also after 25 years," attributing the delay in Egypt the establishment of a nuclear reactor was planning to implement it in the eighties came because of "intimidation" of leaks in the reactor, "Chernobyl" at the time reverse of the truth.
He pointed out that in the wake of the leak in the reactor, the Russian in 1986 were writing reports, "non-scientific" rose to then President Hosni Mubarak warns of the implementation of the nuclear project, "despite the fact that some scientists and I am one of them wrote reports and then ask them to enter the world of nuclear and not to fear it. "
He criticized the Alnchaii the debate over the choice of the Dabaa, to create the first nuclear reactor Egypt, saying: "Amalen Itkhanqgua on Dabaa, we are they want to 12 stations at least," and called for further establishment of the nuclear reactor at a faster pace than that, and make Egypt a plan to establish 12 nuclear reactors during the the next 25 years, so that we can use nuclear energy in mega-projects Kthalip water.
He accused the physicist of Egypt, Israel and its friends to block the aspirations of Egypt to be a nuclear state, so "they created the hypocrisy of nuclear or the Atomic Energy Authority in Vienna, as they call it, a mission to prevent Arab countries from acquiring nuclear power has succeeded in its mission, and become the person doing the job candidate to be the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt ", in reference to its former president, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.
He added: ElBaradei, an honorable man, but before the profession of its mission to prevent Arabs from acquiring nuclear power stations, and said that ElBaradei, but did not participate in the attack on Iraq, after being assured there is no evidence of nuclear weapons in Iraq before the U.S. declared war against it in March 2003 but did not participate to defend him.
Alnchaii confirmed that Israel and its agents were able to make the Arabs until now do not have a bomb or nuclear weapons and that Arab countries have undergone, while the stresses of the world specialist in the field of nanotechnology on the ease of manufacturing a nuclear bomb.
He continued: "The easiest weapon can be made is the atomic bomb does not take more than six months in the manufacture," and added that the manufacture of a car "Mercedes" the most difficult dozens of times of the atomic bomb, and the development by Iran of a satellite in his field right rocket means that the atomic bomb thing Petty, but he stressed the difficulty of small atomic bombs carried by the missile warheads.
The Alnchaii a leading scholar in Egypt abroad, and a most important physicists of the world and the theory of "the golden section in quantum physics," which caused a revolution in physics, was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2006.
He urged Alnchaii Egypt not to sign again or renew the signing of the NPT only after the signing by Israel and to subject its nuclear facilities to inspection, and said: either to have all nuclear weapons or allow each to possess a nuclear weapon, however: If you do not make a nuclear weapon, there are others in the the region will do so by citing the example of Iran has made progress in the establishment of nuclear reactors.
The scientist revealed that the potential of Egypt Egyptian Scientific if they wish to possess a nuclear weapon _ stronger than Iran, in addition to that there is no physical disabilities to acquire nuclear weapons, and that only a purely political thinking.
He stressed that the scientific future is now for "nanotechnology," because it technology does not need to factories huge, but you need to small companies and factories and their benefits are endless in the fields of medicine, agriculture and all areas, as well as they are not subject to inspection or prohibition, such as nuclear.
He said Alnchaii he spoke about "Nanotechnology" 12 years ago, and called for the establishment of a national authority for the "nanotechnology" in Egypt with a budget not to exceed $ 50 million, and offered to bear the cost of the project of his own money, although it did not respond to the government for the project without giving reasons.
On the other hand, he said that Israel started the construction of factories for the production of "nanotechnology" after he delivered his first lecture on "Nanotechnology" in the belief that Egypt will start the production of this new technology, but Egypt did not work out, and Israel now has more than 300 companies for the production of "nano- Technology ".
He criticized the Alnchaii case of scientific research in Egypt, which has "entered the recovery room," as he put it, and said that education in Egypt in general is very weak, because I do not compare Egypt, Chad, but I compare Egypt, Italy, or at the very least, Turkey and Greece, and realistic Egypt less than Turkey and Greece in education, describing the status of education in Egypt as a very shameful thing.

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