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El Naschie sells snake oil on Al Jazeera

A good article by Mahmoud Gomaa, datelined Cairo, January 2007. And by "good" I mean a load of bollocks such as you have seldom seen. This con man needs to be locked up. My translation, below, of the original Arabic was assisted by Google and Bing. Keep in mind as you read this that El Naschie has no specialist knowledge of nanotechnology. He's a make-believe expert.

The most exciting and popular seminar
in Cairo International book fair

Nanotechnology in medicine,
and the invisible military of the future

Future armies will invade countries without being seen or monitored. Planes the size of mosquitoes will avoid being caught, undetected by radar.

In addition, uniforms of bulletproof fabric will have the ability to camouflage themselves in response to desert, prairie, or other environments. Precision cells merged into the fabric will heat when cold, and cool when hot.

The above isn't a science fiction movie script, or a cartoonish exaggeration, but pure fact. This scientific research is the astonishing disclosure of Dr. Mohamed El Naschie - Egyptian physicist and London-based member of Chinese, German and American scientific bodies, and candidate for the Nobel Prize [never in a million years] in science [sic. no such prize] - in a seminar hosted by the Cairo International book fair and titled "Nuclear power in the Arab and Islamic worlds".

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie confirmed that during the coming eight years the world would be dramatically impacted by the application of nanotechnology to the life sciences. El Naschie revealed his theory of complexity on splitting atoms and molecules into their smallest parts. Minimizing the length, width, height and time dimensions of the vacuum was inevitable. Providing decisive protection for nuclear reactors was possible only through nanotechnology.

He scoffed at radiation leakage from reactors of leading countries, saying that major nuclear accidents were scientifically naive and would prove impossible under his theory.

Facing the most serious diseases

El Naschie said his theory would achieve scientific breakthroughs in application to aerospace, agriculture, and medicine. Complex surgery of the heart and brain could be avoided by introducing autonomous nanomachines into the body which would correct the problem without any error.

He stressed that it would be possible to locate and target viruses or other microorganisms, treat eye diseases of the cornea and retina and even blindness, and treat and modify the genetic code, thereby eliminating inherited disease.

Israeli nanotechnology

To the amazement of those who attended the packed hall, El Naschie stressed that the seriousness of this science was behind President Bill Clinton's adoption of the project, and that countries such as China and India have given careful consideration to it.

As for Israel, it began three years ago with the establishment of scientific bodies to study the applications of nanotechnology science. Voices have risen recently speaking of the need to support the Israeli army with sophisticated weapons, supported by nano-science, especially after losing to Hezbollah and its failure fully to repel missiles.

Secret armies

El Naschie revealed that stealth aircraft that can't be detected by radar are expected. Armies of the future will be hidden by clothing painted with certain materials that can't be seen with the naked eye. Aircraft will be made mosquito-sized, and used for fighting and spying.

Car batteries will be slimmer and smaller. Solar will take the place of oil, solving energy problems in the coming decades. This depends on the possibility of being able to store the Sun's rays.

El Naschie said that clothes will not only protect soldiers from bullets, but will heat and cool the body according to the desire of the soldiers. Fabric thickness also will be controlled. It will not be trivial to manufacture these fabrics, but they will resist dirt, be fireproof, and be unaffected by spills of oil.

He pointed to the ability of Arabs to take advantage of nanotechnology science and said that they deserve to achieve what has not been achieved over the centuries, and that he had returned to Egypt in order to contribute in the establishment of a nuclear power plant for peaceful purposes.

The scientific research of Dr. El Naschie benefited the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and many scientific bodies in Britain and China. He worked as a lecturer in European and American universities, and in Los Alamos Labs in America, where they work on atomic bombs. He has taught applications of nuclear physics in China and America.

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