Saturday, September 25, 2010


El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Sunday, September 26. Scientific victories. Original Arabic or Google's English translation or Bing's English translation.

El Naschie talks about his theory of space-time, E-infinity theory, but he doesn't name it. He mentions Euclid and Riemann. So significant was his theory that he suddenly found himself in a world shared only by the likes of Einstein. He tells about being honored at the University of Frankfurt in Germany and then in Shanghai, China. El Naschie's scientific victories can never be taken away from him, he says.

He says there is a small group who attacks him fiercely, and hate his happiness at his scientific achievements. But he has seen secrets of nature and the creation of the universe that no one before him saw.

Finally his theories were proved correct in the laboratory with the golden section being discovered in quantum mechanics by the Helmholtz Institute in Germany and Oxford University in England. He's talking about Coldea et al., but doesn't name it.

He suggests Googling GOLDEN SECTION IN QUETION [sic] MECHANICS or using GOOGLE SCHOLARE [sic] to learn more.

El Naschie has the beautiful feeling of contributing to the enrichment of human civilization and helping human beings live a decent life free of despair and frustration, and full of hope and optimism.

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