Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm banned from Pressgazette

It's an outrage!

I tried to post this comment but got a message that my post was awaiting moderator approval. Checked back the next day, and the moderator had not approved it. This was strange and sudden, because only minutes earlier I had successfully posted a comment there, a reply to FreidrickMP. I had never before encountered the awaiting-approval message.

I do not know whether I am singled out, or whether anyone who tries to post there will be similarly blocked. Would someone please try to post there and report success or failure?

UPDATE. It appears that I personally am blocked. One of the El Naschie Watch partners managed to post a link to this blog post. The Pressgazette admins will probably remove it. Someone posting as Guest73 claims I'm harming Nature's defense against the great man's law suit. Haha. I don't think so.

UPDATE. See My email to Pressgazette for recent news on my banishment.

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