Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Irony lost on Utrecht University Debate Platform

This is from Utrecht University Debate Platform (DUB is the Dutch acronym I guess) in Holland.

Original Dutch: De wonderbaarlijke opmars van Alexandrië

Google's English translation: The amazing rise of Alexandria

From the article:


Intussen zijn op verschillende websites polemieken losgebarsten over de kwaliteit van de THE-ranking nieuwe stijl. Meanwhile, controversy erupted on several websites about the quality of the THE ranking new style. Met name de manier waarop met citaties wordt omgegaan, oogst kritiek. In particular, the manner in which citations are handled, harvest criticism. Zo zou de Universiteit van Alexandrië (op de Spaanse Webometrics top 12000 op plaats 5882) uitsluitend dankzij de grote hoeveelheid citaties van artikelen van wiskundige Mohamed El Naschie bij de THE op plaats 147 terecht zijn gekomen. Thus, the University of Alexandria (in Spanish Webometrics ranked top 12 000 5882) only thanks to the large amount of citations of articles of mathematical Mohamed El Naschie on the THE place to have ended 147.

Op Rankingwatch constateert een zekere Richard Holmes verbaasd dat El Naschie niet alleen in de redactie zit van de twee tijdschriften waarin hij regelmatig publiceert, maar dat zijn artikelen bovendien in veel gevallen door hemzelf worden geciteerd. On Ranking Watch notes a certain Richard Holmes surprised that El Naschie is not only the editors of two magazines which he regularly publishes his articles but also in many cases are cited by him.

I attempted to post the following comment on their article:

You said "Intussen zijn op verschillende websites polemieken losgebarsten over de kwaliteit van de THE-ranking nieuwe stijl." Why didn't you cite my blog El Naschie Watch where you got your information? You're in my visitors log with IP addresses and

This resulted in automatic rejection as spam:

Your posting on DUB from [I have hidden my own IP address for this post but it appears in their rejection page] has been automatically flagged by our spam filters as being inappropriate for this website.

At DUB we work very hard behind the scenes to keep our web pages free of spam. Unfortunately, sometimes we accidentally block legitimate content. If you are attempting to post legitimate content to this website, you can help us to improve our spam filters by emailing the following information to a site administrator:

I have written to the email address provided.

Utrecht University is one of the institutions that suffered badly in the Times Higher Education (THE) rankings because of the way citations were handled! What goes around comes around, haha.

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  1. Perhaps the irony is not lost.

    Baez is practically family at Utrecht.

    - Shawn (too lazy to log in)