Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My email to Alexandria University

I just sent this.

Dear President Hanafi, and Administrators, Deans and Professors of Alexandria University,

As you know, Alexandria University was ranked #4 in research impact and #147 overall in the world by Times Higher Education (THE).

President Hanafi and Prof. Hussein were quoted in Bikya Masr as follows:

“I believe we are well deserving of being on the list,” professor of economics Amr Hussein told Bikya Masr. “We have worked hard to improve our system of education and it is showing that we are succeeding in doing so”...

Hend Hanafi, President of Alexandria University, told local media that she is proud of the ranking and hopes the university will continue to make efforts to consistently improve the quality of education at the university.

You may not be aware that the anomalously high rankings are the result of large-scale citation scamming by Mohamed El Naschie. I mean no disrespect to Alexandria University, but it is embarrassing to watch your apparently innocent self-congratulation. Before you give any more interviews about the THE rankings of Alexandria University, I urge you strongly to read about El Naschie and his citation scamming, which he carried out in collaboration with Prof. Ji-Huan He of Donghua University in Shanghai:

Best regards,

Jason of El Naschie Watch

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