Sunday, September 19, 2010

My email to Pressgazette

I just sent this.

To: Dominic Ponsford (Editor), Oliver Luft (News Editor) and Pamela Horne (Production Editor)

Dear Pressgazette,

I am trying to get in touch with Sarah Limbrick regarding her 2 November 2009 article Editor of scientific journal sues Nature but I can't find her email address, and I am not entirely sure she's the right person to solve this problem anyway, so I'm writing to the lot of you. Sorry for spamming.

I am the proprietor of El Naschie Watch, the Web's best and most complete source of information on Mohamed El Naschie, the man Ms. Limbrick wrote about in her article.

Bizarrely, yesterday I was blocked from posting comments on that article! El Naschie's sockpuppets (he is famous for his sockpuppets) probably contacted you, or Ms. Limbrick, or the webmaster, and through a social engineering exploit convinced you to block me. You have been duped, and are inadvertently siding with the famous (and infamous) con man El Naschie.

If you read nothing else on my blog, at least read Introduction to Mohamed El Naschie. Then either let me know I'm unblocked, or explain the reason for the continued blockage. I'll inform my readers of the outcome. Thanks!

Oh, by the way, your Disqus comment system has long been misconfigured, which is discussed in Those Hidden Pressgazette Comments, and your webmaster would probably appreciate being told.

Best regards,

Jason of El Naschie Watch

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  1. Jason, Dominic Ponsford responded with a comment. His explanation that your posts "were potentially libellous" makes me laugh. Anyway, he decided to close the thread. I think the Great Man's sockpuppets (especially the last one, Joshua49) won't be happy about that. :D

  2. Wow. The word that got me automatically blocked was "liar". I weep for England.

    The complete, uncensored comment thread can be read in our archive, Those Hidden Pressgazette Comments.

    El Naschie is a liar, liar, liar, liar.

  3. Wow. The word that got me automatically blocked was "liar". I weep for England. The complete, uncensored exchange can be found in our archive, Those Hidden Pressgazette Comments. (My second attempt to post this. The execrable blogger software deleted my first try.)

  4. Interestingly, "criminal" was not automatically blocked, I suppose. :D

  5. Yes, Schimer called me an "internet criminal" and that was allowed. And "Liar" is forbidden but "lying" is fine. Pressgazette's forbidden terms list is perfunctory, clearly. I once saw an internal company document listing all the forbidden words in Microsoft products. It was a very long, very funny list. There were many obscure things on it that you'd have to Google to figure out.