Friday, September 17, 2010

Otto E. Rössler update

On Achtphasen, Rössler has written two new posts, each with one or two comments.

September 15, 2010

September 5, 2010

A reader talks about Rössler's confusion about relativity in a comment, and I am importing it directly into this post:

The quotation where Rössler admits he does not know what p_n p^n=m^2 means in relativity, is here. Otto Rössler wrote:

Danke für den großen Text.

Als erstes muss ich mich entschuldigen, dass ich die gegebene Definition des
Impulses nicht voll nachvollziehen kann (m-square = p sub n times p to the

First, I must apologize that I do not understand the given definition of the momentum completely (m-square = p sub n times p to the n-th).

And such a guy teaches relativity to students at University of Tübingen, and no one stops him.

The relevant persons for investigation of academic misconduct at University of Tübingen are here:

Regarding misconduct in the natural sciences, the contact person who will investigate the case after being informed by someone is

Prof. Dr. Heinz Clement
Physikalisches Institut

He has this email adress:

In accordance with this reader's advice I have saved this page, which concerns Rössler's scientific misconduct and competency, lest it go missing.

Again on Achtphasen, the discussion between Rössler and the anonymous relativist "F/rznHrs" continues. Rössler's incompetence is made even clearer by the last post of F/rznHrs. Original German, or Google's English translation. (For the English version, scroll to the 06.09.10 | 14:41 timestamp, because Google Translate won't jump directly to the comment.)

On RelativKritisch, there's lots more on Rössler and his scientific works.

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. Here is some more on Rössler and his scientific works:

    On the anti lhc website achtphasen, the discussion between Rössler and the anonymous relativist FH continues. Rössler's incompetence is shown even clearer by the last post of "FH":

  2. Incorporated! Thank you very much.

  3. New Rössler article:

  4. Thank you! I will keep that until I have a critical mass for another Rössler post.

  5. Here is a more precise description of Rössler about his perpetuum mobile proposal:

    And here is an old article of Rössler ,which I did not know before:

    The interesting thing is that he says he wants to create panic in the population against the lhc.

    He says, begin quote of Rössler:
    Die vernünftig klingende “Panikmache-Vermeidung” ist im Moment vielleicht eher ein Fehler, da eine mit etwas Hysterie verbundene Panikmache im Moment gar keine Panikmache ist, sondern nur weise Druck-Ausübung.
    end quote.

    Translation of Rössler:
    "The reasonable sounding phrase "prevention of panicmongering" is perhaps a mistake at the moment, since a little bit hysterics connected with panicmongering is, at the moment, no real panicmongering, but the wise excertion of pressure."

    In this text, Rössler also tries to explain how he arrived at his famous 1/6 probability that the earth will be swallowed by a blackhole created by the LHC.

  6. Thank you anonymous, I will do another Rössler post soon. We have achieved critical mass. Please add more tips as you find them.

  7. Well, with his panicmongering, Rössler has succeded somewhat. Here is a press article of cern physicists complaining that they get death threads by hysteric people:

    Such is the angst that the American Nobel prize winning physicist Frank Wilczek of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has even had death threats, said Prof Brian Cox of Manchester University, adding: "Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a t---."

    The head of public relations, James Gillies, says he gets tearful phone calls, pleading for the £4.5 billion machine to stop.

    "They phone me and say: "I am seriously worried. Please tell me that my children are safe," said Gillies.

    Emails also arrive every day that beg for reassurance that the world will not end, he explained.

    Others are more aggressive. "There are a number who say: "You are evil and dangerous and you are going to destroy the world."

  8. At least with his panicmongering Rössler has had some success. Here is a press article, which says that Cern scientists get death threats by people who think that the earth will be swallowed by a black hole:

  9. rösslers perpetual motion machine reloaded:

    It at first sight appears highly unlikely that someone could be right who says that the mass of a falling stone decreases as much as its kinetic energy increases.