Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party in Shanghai for El Naschie's 65th birthday!

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25-28 September, 2010, Donghua University. Obviously this is hosted by the disgraced and disgraceful Ji-Huan He.

Article in Rosa Al-Youssef: «China» honoring El Naschie. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At the University of Shanghai there begins next Saturday a Nonlinear Dynamics Conference held in honor of the Egyptian scientist Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, columnist for the daily newspaper «Rosa Al-Youssef» (the Egypt Tomorrow column) on the occasion of his reaching 65 years of age, and in recognition of his contributions to theoretical physics.

El Naschie will dedicate his lecture at the opening of the conference to President Mubarak for unprecedented accomplishments in the Middle East peace process. And he will show the world the great results of his latest research in «Quantum Mechanics» and «scratch» [sic. Atomic?] Energy. Scientists from 14 countries around the world are participating in honoring El Naschie.
Thanks to Mohamed Mustafa for blogging this news. There is no mention of the event that I can find on Prof. He's blog, oddly. Shrink did find it mentioned on another of Ji-Huan He's websites, That gives a link to this page: The 3rd International Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics, which tells the fees for registration, and instructions for submission of papers. Neither of those last two links actually mentions Mohamed El Naschie. The promotional material shown above, which includes a picture of El Naschie, comes from El Naschie/Rosa Al-Youssef, not from Ji-Huan He/Donghua University. Did the great man photoshop himself, and two lines of Arabic text, onto the conference announcement?

This conference is a travesty. At the risk of having someone tell me I sound like Lubos Motl, it's a crime against physics. Chinese scientists who think the government could find better uses of money than paying for this celebration of stupidity can perhaps make their views known. Ji-Huan He should be fired from Donghua University.

WANTED: guest list

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  1. He mentions the conference here:

  2. Thanks, Shrink. Added it.

  3. j. j. He is editor some of those journals that will publish the conference papers:

  4. Wow, Anonymous! Two of the seven journals at that URL were previously unknown to El Naschie Watch. Accordingly, I have just added items 45 and 46 to the Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial positions. The specific journal in which the 65th birthday party conference papers will appear is Nonlinear Science Letters D: Conference Series (NSLD). Ji-Huan He is not listed as an editor of NSLD, so it does not have a place on our master list.

  5. "All accepted papers within 4 pages and within 10 references will be published in Nonlinear Science Letters D: Conference Series(, which will be sent to some famous data bases, such as Sci-E, EI (Compendex) and ISTP, for evaluation, but we can not guarantee that the proceedings will be definitely included in the said data bases."

    So we can expect that the 2010 Impact Factor of IJNSNS will surpass Nature and Science when it comes out next year? Hopefully Thomson-Reuters read Arnold's column and will make sure this garbage doesn't enter Sci-E.

  6. Persuading databases not to carry his bogus journals. Interesting idea.

  7. You can add me to the set of uninvited. I'm actually kind of offended.

    - Shawn

  8. Explanation to readers: Shawn has a connection to the great man through having published in CSF.