Friday, September 10, 2010

Possible lead on El Naschie's Surrey address

(Click image for bigger pic of El Naschie at home.)
We need someone with access to Wiley Online to follow up on this tip.

Last year we located the Royal Mail Post Office where El Naschie gets his mail in Surrey. We are still looking for his house. Nasr Ahmed told me he visited El Naschie's house in Surrey, as well as an office of the great man in downtown Cairo, but unfortunately he was not able to pinpoint them for me exactly on Google Maps.

A reader emailed me this message:

I don't have access to Wiley Online, but I think you will find an address in this paper from 2006 ( Let me know if you have any luck.

Can anyone get the PDF at that link? It seems to be a 2006 reprint of a 1974 paper of El Naschie that's related to the subject of his doctoral thesis. If an address is indeed given, it may be from 1974, but we won't know until we see the PDF.

UPDATE: A reader gives this address from the paper:

M.S. El Naschie, 3 Cromer Court Streatham High Road London S.W. 16, England

Google Earth shows that to be an undistingushed looking apartment building about five miles south of University College London where El Naschie was a PhD student in the early 1970s. El Naschie's P.O. Box address in Surrey is about four times as distant to the southwest. My guess is 3 Cromer Court is his old student address.

Another reader has emailed me his doubts that the photos at the top of this post actually depict El Naschie at his own house! They are from El Naschie's site:
I am making inquiries about those photos.

UPDATE: Regarding El Naschie's 3 Cromer Court address, Martin reports the following:

The paper was sent in 25.2.1973 and rev. version is from 3.7.1973. His affiliation is: Stability Research Croup [sic] Civil Engineering Department University College, London.

So it's definitely his student address.

No word yet on whether those photos are of El Naschie at home in Surrey. I sent an email to N. Ahmed, who has been there.

UPDATE: He confirms the pictures do show El Naschie at his house in Surrey.

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  1. M. S El Naschie, 3 Cromer Court Streatham High Road London S. W. 16, England

  2. Thanks! Post has been updated.

  3. Confirmed: It's his house in Surrey.