Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rössler: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

I have been too busy to post the last few days, so let me try and clear some of the backlog. Thanks to a reader for this Rössler information.

There's a great post from "Redaktion" on RelativKritisch. Our reader notes

...he still teaches at University Tübingen. He holds lectures, and many seminars, all just loaded with heavy crackpot stuff... no one stops him to tell students nonsense. The university does not even distance itself from that stuff.

Redaktion recalls that long before his LHC trolling, Rössler repeatedly vandalized the University with graffiti alleging a pogrom against him.

There's a video of a dance party at Tübingen. Rössler is briefly interviewed.

Original German: Der Wolf im Schafspelz or Google's English: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. There is also a discussion thread about Redaktion's post: German or English.

Endophysics: the world as an interface is a 1998 book by Rössler that he may use as a textbook. In 2001 the book got five stars in a Google Books review. The reviewer seems to be as crazy as the author:

...there is some hint that the German government may be hindering his work. I emphasize that this is only hinted at and is my opinion.

There's another post from Rössler on achtphasen, too. Rössler seems to think the CERN scientists don't understand the Einstein equation, so he takes a few sentences to explain it to them. Original German: “Wo genau widerspricht mir die Zunft?“ or Google's English translation: "Where exactly does the guild contradict me?"

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. Hi Jason, here is a discussion of Rössler with an anonymous relativist whose nickname is F/rznHrs.

    Rössler admits, for example, that he does not even know how calculate the square of the relativistic four-momentum p_n p^n=m^2 (a task, a physics student usually learns in germany during his first year).

    The anonymous relativist disproves Rössler's hypothesis of a variable restmass of a falling body in general relativity.
    However, Rössler is reluctant and does not admit that he has been disproven. At the end Rössler only asks the anonymous relativist, whether he agrees with Rösslers opinion, and says that the anonymity of the relativist would make his standpoint look weak.

    It would be good, if the comments in that thread are archived by el-naschie watch. As the anonymous relativist writes at the end, the discussion shows without any doubts that Rössler's arguments are wrong.

    When one asks the university Tübingen to investigate Rösslers case, the material in those comments may be helpful. For example, it shows that Rössler does not know how to calculate the square of the four momentum. Nevertheless, Rössler still tries to teach students in general relativity and holds lectures on that topic....

  2. The quotation, where rössler admits, he does not know what p_n p^n=m^2 means in relativity, is here:

    Otto Rössler wrote:
    begin quote:

    Danke für den großen Text.

    Als erstes muss ich mich entschuldigen, dass ich die gegebene Definition des
    Impulses nicht voll nachvollziehen kann (m-square = p sub n times p to the

    end quote.


    begin quote:

    At First, I must apologize that I do not understand
    the given definition of the momentum completely (m-square = p sub n times p to the n-th).

    end quote

    Rössler even seems to believe the n-th components of momentum would be n-th powers...

    And such a guy teaches relativity to students at university Tübingen, and no one stops him.

    The relevant persons for investigation of academic misconduct at university Tübingen are here:

    Regarding to misconduct in the natural sciences, the contact person who will investigate the case after being informed by someone is

    Prof. Dr. Heinz Clement
    Physikalisches Institut

    He has this email adress:

  3. well, before this discussion of Rössler with an anonymous relativist called F/rznHrs disappears, could you store it in an archive jason?

    The comments should be archived, because this discussion shows things that couls be relevant in an investigation of Rössler's scientific misconduct.

    This discussion clearly shows that Rössler is not competent, but sticks to his believes, regardless whether he is disproven or not.

  4. Thank you! I have saved it.