Thursday, September 30, 2010

Said, the black sheep brother, speaks up on Rosa

For a quick refresher about Said Elnashaie, skim these posts:

Said Elnashaie has profound political differences with his brothers, and has had legal disputes with them over inheritance of the large family estate.

Zahy noted that Said left comments on the great man's Rosa Al-Youssef column for April 13 and April 18, 2010.

For timeline context, note that El Naschie Watch learned from a reader of the existence of El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column on April 15, in El Naschie begins a daily newspaper column. On April 17 we gave a one-sentence summary of each early post in No more physics papers, apparently.

In the first comment, Said is angry at his brother for supporting the Mubarak dictatorship, and says that the "four axes" of national cause, democracy, economy, and social welfare are inseparable.

My summary of the column said "He [El Naschie] says stability and equality before the law are more important than democracy; for example, the putatively democratic Israel treats Arabs and Muslims badly, he says."

Said Elnashaie responded to the column with a comment as follows:

المحاور الأربعه مترابطه جدا 10 سبتمبر 2010
من ا.د.سعيد صلاح الدين النشائى
محاور التقدم أربعه ولا تنفصل عن بعضها وهى محور القضيه الوطنيه ومحور الديموقراطيه ومحور الأقتصاد والمحور الأجتماعى كلها محاور لا تنفصل عن بعضها وهى أساس إى تقدم. أختيار أمثله مشوهه مثل أستعمار إستيطانى عنصرى أو إحتلال دوله مستقله بهدف تدميرها ونهبها كل هذه أمثله رديئه لا تصلح, أما عن ديموقراطية مصر فقطعا أنت بتهذر

Four axes are interconnected very September 10, 2010
Of a. D. Said Salah El-Din Elnashaie
Four axes of progress and separated from each axis of a national cause and the axis of democracy and the center of economy and social hub all axes can not be separated from each other which is the basis of any progress. Select examples such as distorted racist settler colonialism or occupation of an independent state to the destruction and looting of these are examples of poor is not suitable, but for a democratic Egypt So they made you Pthdhir [?]

Responding to the second column, Said seems to think El Naschie's denunciation of America and Israel isn't extreme enough.

My summary said "El Naschie tells of meeting and having a talk with Ahmed Zewail (an experimentalist, not a theoretician like El Naschie), who didn't want to get embroiled in the ElBaradei question, and El Naschie approves of that reluctance."

Said Elnashaie responded:

حقيقة الكيان الصهيونى وحقيقة أمريكا 10 سبتمبر 2010
من ا.د.سعيد صلاح الدين النشائى
أمريكا هى إستعمار إستيطانى منحط نجح فى جريمته فى إبادة الهنود الحمر والكيان الصهيونى إستعمار إستيطانى قذر لم ولن ينجح فى إبادة الشعب الفلسطينى وسوف يهزم ويندحر الكيان الصهيونى مهما ساعدته أمريكا وباقى الإستعمار والمتصهينين العرب

The fact that the Zionist entity and the fact that America September 10, 2010
Of a. D. Said Salah El-Din Elnashaie
America is decadent settler colonialism succeeded in crime in the genocide of American Indians and Zionist settler colonialism dirty we did not succeed in the genocide of the Palestinian people and will be defeated and defeated the Zionist entity, no matter how America helped him and the rest of colonialism and those Arab Zionists

In Egyptian politics, pro-forma criticism of Israel and the US is boilerplate rhetoric for all parties, but Said Elnaschaie takes it to another level, sometimes calling the US "the great Satan" etc.

Mohamed El Naschie supports the Mubaraks and the National Democratic Party. Said Elnaschaie supports the El-Ghad party.

P.S. Google Translate news: The brothers' Arabic family name has long been Romanized as "Alnchaii" or "Alnchaiy" but for a week or so it's been "El Naschie" in some contexts.
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