Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The 3rd Intl. Symposium on Nonlinear Crackpottery

This is a follow-up post to Party in Shanghai for El Naschie's 65th birthday!

The great man has posted some symposium news on his website.

On that page you will find these topics elaborated:

In celebration of Prof. M.S. El Naschie’s 65th birthday
Dedicated to Prof. M.S. El Naschie for his contributions to incorporate nonlinear dynamics, chaos and fractals in quantum physics and to Prof. C.D. Yang for his original contribution of using complex spacetime in quantum mechanics.

Welcome Address
Ji-Huan He /Chairman of 2010 ISND

...we have again a very special reason to mark E-infinity theory as a special topic in this conference. There are various more than compelling reasons to do that. We may mention in particular the experimental discovery and verification of the golden mean in quantum mechanics by the Helmholtz Centre in Germany in cooperation with the University of Oxford.

This hard to overestimate experimental fact is exactly what was predicted by E-infinity theory almost two decades ago. With this experimental confirmation this matter and any genuine controversy are largely settled. Any objective researcher must from now on take it as an indisputable fact that nonlinear dynamics and chaos which manifest themselves geometrically as fractals and Cantor sets provide the missing link between the quantum and the non-quantum relativistic world...

...we are extremely happy that the Egyptian engineering scientist and theoretical physicist, Professor M.S. El Naschie accepted our invitation to come to Shanghai especially from London despite his health condition to deliver the opening lecture of this conference...

...E-infinity is a revolutionary idea building upon many other revolutionary ideas like M. Feigenbaum’s universalities, B. Mandelbrot’s fractals and A. Connes’ noncommutative geometry...

...It is my greatest honor to invite Prof. M.S. El Naschie and Dr. C.D. Yang to give our audience important plenary lectures...

Abstracts of Invited Lectures:

Application of chaos & fractals in fundamental physics & set theoretical resolution of the two-slit experiment & the wave collapse

On the Philosophy of Being & Nothingness in Fundamental Physics
M.S. El Naschie

A short comment from the chairman
The importance of the Empty Set Underpinning the Foundations of Quantum Physics
Ji-Huan He

On another page we have

The Physics of Empty Sets and The Quantum
By L. Marek-Crnjac Institute of Mathematics and Physics, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Dedicated to Prof. M.S. El Naschie on his 65th birthday

It is clear that El Naschie's recent Rosa Al-Youssef babblings about Menger, Urysohn, negative dimensions, and the E-infinity group, borrow from the 3rd International Symposium material.

UPDATE: For comparison, here is the welcome address that Ji-Huan He gave in 2007.

2007 ISND

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  1. Ha, L. Marek-Crnjac's affiliation is a bogus one: she's no longer employed at any university or institute, she's merely a high school math teacher - not that there's something wrong with that. :)

  2. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with being a high school math teacher. But she should not be claiming University of Maribor affiliation if it's not true any more. Are we sure about that?

  3. Haha. This is from Ji-Huan He's 2007 address embedded above: "The 2006 Impact Factors released by ISI brought the good news that most nonlinear journals are now being cited more than ever..."

  4. The SICRIS database shows (still) that she is not employed as a researcher anymore:

    Marek Crnjac Leila

    The database is quite up to date. If she ever gets a position at any university or institute in Slovenia again, her status will be updated accordingly.