Wednesday, October 27, 2010

El Naschie on Alexandria University's THE rank

I didn't think he'd touch this subject with a ten-foot pole.

El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Thursday, October 28. Alice in Wonderland. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

El Naschie modifies yesterday's middle-third construction with a random version, and says that for the dimension you get the golden section, 0.618033989...

But that's not the interesting part.

Check out the last two paragraphs:

وجود المقطع الذهبي في أساس هذه المنظومة مكنني من جميع الحسابات بسهولة متناهية لم احتج فيها إلي برنامج كمبيوتر عددي كبير بل مجرد حاسب الجيب يكفي ولكن الطريق إلي هذه السهولة المطلقة كان وعرا وليس سهلا بتاتا، خصوصا عندما يكون لك أعداء النجاح في كل مكان يترصدون لك بكل طريقة حتي الطرق غير الأخلاقية التي لا علاقة لها بالعلم بتاتا. The existence of the golden section in the basis of this system enabled me to all accounts with flying colors not been invoked to program a computer numerically large but just the Pocket PC enough, but the road to this simple absolute was bumpy and not easy at all, especially when you have the enemies of success everywhere lurking for you all way until the road is the moral have nothing to do with science at all.

وحتي في عقر دارك «مصر» لا يخلو الأمر للأسف المرير من أن ينزلق البعض للتندر بأن وصول جامعة الإسكندرية إلي مرتبة مرموقة بين ترتيب الجامعات هو بسببي وأنا لا أنتمي لها والتشكيك في أعمالي علي الرغم من أن هناك عشرات العظماء من العلماء كلهم من جامعة الإسكندرية. Even in the heart of Arc «Egypt» matter is not free unfortunately bitter to slip some of the scarce that the arrival of the University of Alexandria to the rank of eminent among university rankings is because of me and I do not belong to her and questioning of my work despite the fact that there are tens of great scientists, all from the University of Alexandria.

Wow! A good translation of that last paragraph would be nice to have.

Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks to the Alexandria University alum (who thinks El Naschie is a douche) for beautifully translating the second paragraph as follows:

Even in one's backyard "Egypt" there is always a chance that someone will slide into making fun of the fact that Alexandria University has reached a high place in university rankings because of me even though I am not associated with it. Some are skeptical about my work even though there are giants among scientists who all belong to Alexandria University.

Regarding El Naschie's "even though I am not associated with it" meaning Alexandria University: He has claimed the affiliation for years including as recently as last month. The person or persons at Alexandria University who filled out the Thompson-Reuters/Times Higher Education forms for Alexandria University from which the rankings were calculated included El Naschie's bogus Chaos, Solitons and Fractals self-citations and cross-citations with Ji-Huan He. That's how Alexandria got the 4th place in the world for research impact, up there with Harvard et al. It is El Naschie Watch's understanding that El Naschie's professorship at Alexandria is honorary and unpaid. He's not really a professor at Alexandria or anywhere else.

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  1. Translation of the last paragraph:
    "Even in one's backyard "Egypt" there is always a chance that someone will slide into making fun of the fact that Alexandria University has reached a high place in university rankings bacuse of me even though I am not associated with it. Some are sceptical about my work even though there are giants among scientists who all belong to Alexandria University."

    One thing that I have learned from following the douche for the past five years is that he has no limits. I don't know whether that is because he is a psychopath with no conscience who is conciously manipulating the Egyptian system or if he is completely and utterly self-deluded. Either way, there is no topic he will not breach. I remember reading an interview conducted with him in which he warned the Egyptian media from fake scientists that might manipulate those that don't have the scientific background to expose them!
    I am an alumnus of Alexandria University myself and the douche's association with it is now a source of endless personal shame.

  2. Good lord. Thank you! We have a number of Alexandria U alums and faculty who read El Naschie Watch.

  3. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Friday, October 29. Illusion of scientific. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie says Alexandria University doesn't need names like Mohamed El Naschie or (Nobel laureate) Ahmed Zewail to earn a place in the history of science. And he names several scientists from AU who he thinks are good.

    I think he says that the Egyptian revolution (overthrow of King Farouk by the Free Officers) was hatched in the Staff Club at AU but I'm not sure.

    Then he changes the subject to the collapse of the wave function in quantum mechanics.

  4. The douche says that the Staff club at AU was the first to welcome the revolution, which I highly doubt. In fact I'm not sure a Staff cluv was established by the time the revolution started since the university was really young at the time and wasn't even called AU. It was King Farouk University and was renamed AU after the revolution.

    The names he mentions are electrical engineering and mathematics professors, none of which are anything to write home about, let alone be considered "the greatest scientists in the world". One of them (deceased now, the AU alumni will recognize which one) was the head of the EE department and a well-known misogynist who declared women unfit for EE and that the department at AU would never hire a female faculty. The mother of an old friend of mine was a young faculty at the department. When she took maternity leave, he was able to push her out of tenure track to an administrative position. She remained the undergrad lab technician (and then supervisor) for two decades until he died and was she was at last able to get back her assistant professor position when she was in her fifties. Some greatness!

  5. Wow. Thank you Anonymous.

  6. One of the dropped names in El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column for Friday, October 29 is
    الدكتور آسر زكى
    You will find this name Asser Zaky having two posts on telegraph article which was titled "This surfer is no Einstein"
    %%%%%%%%%%%%%First post%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    It is close to 40 yers that I have been close friend of ElNascie and with the passage my admiration for him as a person endowed with a 'beautiful' mind and an enormous has constantly increased. His innate talent for numbers and mathematics has acquire virtuosic mathematical skills akin to those of Paganini with the violin. an enormous asset if one is to delve deeply into the realm of theoretical physics. once an engineer but with this talent and a searching and manifold mind he his true love lay in the field of theoretical physics in general and in particular challenging problem of the unification of the forces of nature. He has taken and achievedd brilliant results acknowledged by leading researchers in this the world. That some of his papers have topped the citation list speaks for itself. some who criticize him for his prolific publications; surely this is out of shear envy.For that matter should we scoff at Mozart or Bach for their prolificity?
    To be the target of the mudslingers and racists is no novelty.It is a necessary to glory. Many of the great names in science (as well as in other disciplines) endure the slings and arrows of their contemporary rivals- Boltzman,Becquerel,Einstein are just few of the names that come immediately to mind. So be it man who to me, borrowing Blake's words,holds infinity in the palm of his hands eternity in an hour. To him I say, be patient, time will certainly vindicate you.
    Asser Zaky, F.Inst.Phys., LFIEEE
    Emeritus Professor
    Posted by Asser Zaky on June 9, 2008 8:43 PM

    %%%%%%%%%%%%Second post%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    In my comment posted today on your site, I realized that the name of Prof.
    misspelt. The correct spelling is El Naschie and not ElNascie as it appears on apologize for this inadvertent mistake and thank you for posting the correct Naschie's name.
    Asser Zaky, F.Inst.Phys., LFIEEE
    Emeritus Professor
    Posted by Asser Zaky on June 10, 2008 6:33 PM

    It would be interesting to identify completely
    the identity of Asser Zaky, and his position affiliation F.Inst.Phys., LFIEEE
    Emeritus Professor

  7. Asser is an emeritus of electrical power engineering at AU:

    LFIEE: Life fellow of the IEEE
    F. Inst. Phys.: Fellow of the Institute of Physics (London)

  8. That would be this Asser Zaky:

    However some of the comments in "This surfer is no Einstein" are known to be impersonations. Nasr Ahmed for example. So it's not necessarily the real Asser Zaky.

  9. I think all people that El naschieis is aware of their names are in a real danger. El naschie could use their names for his sock-puppets and write comments on behave of them.

    I think this kind of thing confirm that El naschie himself is behind all these sock-puppets. It is himself who wrote these comments.

    It would be strange if El naschie was collecting all sock-puppets in a class and taught all of them about the story of Said and his wife Shedia who had stolen the money of his own mother. Even more he taught them all names of persons that happened for him to meet them. Then the great man instructed them to use those names in future comments supporting him.

  10. As always, there is no Saturday Rosa Al-Youssef column from the great man.