Thursday, October 14, 2010

El Naschie reviews a Tomasz Kapitaniak book

There is good news and bad news for Prof. Kapitaniak.

The good news is that El Naschie liked the book.

The bad news is that El Naschie liked the book.

Chaos for Engineers

From a review of the first edition by Prof. [sic. not really] El Naschie, University of Cambridge [sic. not really]:

Small is beautiful and not only that, it is comprehensive as well. These are the spontaneous thoughts which came to my mind after browsing in this latest book by Prof. Thomas Kapitaniak, probably one of the most outstanding scientists working on engineering applications of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos today. A more careful reading reinforced this first impression... The presentation is lucid and user friendly with theory, examples, and exercises... I thought that one can no longer write text books in nonlinear dynamics which could have important impact or fill a gap. Tomasz Kapitaniak's newest book has proved me wrong twofold.

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  1. T. Kapitaniak had 32 articles in CSF and I thunk he cited El naschie in many of his articles.

    In the preface of first edition of this book T. Kapitaniak acknowledged El naschie for hours of discussion!!!!!!

    In the back cover of the book, one can find the review by El naschie about this book.

    T. Kapitaniak could one of El naschie's follower.

  2. Wow! I had no idea. TY Zahy.