Tuesday, October 5, 2010

El Naschie: "Yes, I have political ambition"

Shaimaa Arif interviews El Naschie for the newspaper Elkhamis ("Thursday"), August 19, 2010. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. For good measure here's Bing's English.

His main points:

ElBaradei is not a good fit for the Egyptian Presidency. And those who rally around him should shut up, or something like that.

An Egyptian nuclear program would be good for Egypt's self-esteem.

Angry that Israel has nukes and Egypt doesn't, he sneers that ElBaradei worked for the "nuclear hypocrisy agency".

"Some say you returned to Egypt because you are politically ambitious and want to be a minister" says the interviewer. El Naschie responds that yes, he does have political ambition. But since he is by nature scientific and philosophical, not political, he would prefer the soft authority of opinion to the hard authority of force. He loves Egypt and didn't come for greed; his bank account is very healthy. He has achieved international fame to an extent that satisfies him. He came to Egypt to promote scientific research and because he loves the Egyptian people.

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