Friday, October 29, 2010

The great man's Rolodex

It must be chock full of newspapers.

The Google search "النشائي يطالب بتشكيل منتخب لعلماء مصر" (El Naschie demanding the formation of a team of Egyptian scientists) shows a story of that exact title was posted in several venues around the time of his surgery in early February 2010. A substantially similar story appeared in many other places under other titles. The Pharohs, the popular Egyptian national soccer team, had just won the African championship by beating Ghana. El Naschie leveraged that flurry of excitement into an amazing amount of news coverage for himself, considering the only connection was his self-serving conceit that Egyptian scientists should emulate Egyptian footballers. It is incredible that he was able to convince a single news outlet to run such a feeble non-story.

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