Friday, October 22, 2010

In the West they call him "Egypt's Einstein"

El Naschie has three Facebook pages.

The third page has this description:

يلقِّبونه في الغرب بـ"آينشتين مصر", وفي الصين يعتبرونه من أعظم علماء الفيزياء بعد نيوتن؛ لاكتشافاته المتعلقة بالجزئيات الجديدة, هو عالم الفيزياء المصري المعروف الدكتور محمد النشائي, والذي أمضى في ألمانيا خمسين عامًا, وعمل أستاذًا في جامعات أمريكا وإنجلترا وبلجيكا، وما زال يتمسَّك

The terrible Google translation nonetheless gives an idea:

Call him in the West to "Einstein Egypt," In China they see as one of the greatest physicists after Newton; for his discoveries related to particle-charging new, is the world of physics known Egyptian Mohamed El Naschie, which he spent in Germany fifty years ago, and worked as a professor at universities in America, England and Belgium, and still stick

The only two people I can imagine calling him Egypt's Einstein are Ji-Huan He and El Naschie himself.

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  1. ask him to explain the dielema associating "Entropy and global warming" !!! He claims to 'know' physics ???!

  2. Where did he associate entropy and global warming?