Sunday, October 17, 2010

Journal of the Textile Institute fires Ji-Huan He!

It took a while, but after cautious deliberation, Editor-in-Chief Prof. David R. Buchanan of the Journal of the Textile Institute (JTI) has done the right thing.

Here's the list of Editorial Board members from which his name has been removed.

JTI is a high-quality journal, so this hurts. It is number 43 on our master list, which has been updated to reflect the firing.

Posts about Ji-Huan He:

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Monday, October 18. Shanghai «Mon Amour». Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie tells of his flight to Shanghai and his arrival there. He was aboard a British Airways flight from London to Shanghai for twelve hours but did not feel tired. The skyline of Shanghai is beautiful, like the New York skyline, he says. But in Shanghai, unlike New York, he feels safe. His experience at the customs check was welcoming, unlike the coldness he feels when entering European countries. He says the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the greatest tragedy in the history of humanity, referring to the movie Hiroshima mon amour, after which he apparently named today's column for some reason.

    He says he misses his beloved writer friend Gamal El-Ghitani who I think he's recently told us is recovering from an illness.

    He applauds the progess and material wealth that have come to Shanghai. China has awoken, and will retain its superpower status, based on education and flag, he says.

    In the morning he went to the University and was honored and humbled by the hospitality of his Chinese hosts. There were scholars from many countries, especially Iran and Turkey.

    El Naschie gave a talk dedicated to El-Ghitani and also to Hosni Mubarak, for his unprecedented efforts at peace in the world and the Middle East. It was about unifying the fundamental forces of nature, quantum mechanics, and the theory of relativity. Many of his colleagues think he has succeeded, he says.

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  2. Finally. Your contribution was crucial, Jason.

    P.S. Great photoshop! :D

  3. Thank you, Shrink! I considered taking out the flying glasses since he's already wearing glasses, but it's funnier with them.