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Otto E. Rössler has a question for everyone

Marc Fasnacht of the Achtphasen blog has posted this communiqué from Rössler: “Lachen oder Weinen? - eine Frage an alle” (laugh or cry? - A question to all). There is at the moment one reader comment as well. Google Translate doesn't work on the Rössler post automatically, probably because of some pre-formatted text tags, so I have pasted in the Google Translated version below.

Laugh or cry?

Man is the only animal that laughing smile. This leads to mutual recognition as the soul (the "naked soul"). Today we live in a new, no longer seeing the most important things society: the steward-child bond. And the revelation of color that does not exist in nature (only the wavelength, not the concomitant quality) and now as a unique opportunity for action - to pray for example, right now. Soon I have this chance might not.

I was told that I should stress again that while I am 100 percent sure that uncharged black holes and unverdampfend are that this is disputed but despite his unrefuted by most colleagues (except George W. Cox and Richard J. Cook that have found independent of the underlying new change in length result). So that here a so-called "paradigm shift" is present, which - if it really exists - is always a generation needs until he is no longer an issue.

If you want to bet in this case the majority of physicists the survival of the planet that we do not have rights. Nevertheless, the fact that we have proved it - even with a foolproof theorem (L / T = c) that nobody can refute before. Such a situation is the norm in science: that sometimes found something new and is proven. On that basis the following text is justified and necessary.

My fellow citizens - a question to all

Is it right when I need to put the world into a panic, to save them at the last moment?

"It depends on how secure you are, you will answer me. I try to answer.

It is a unquestionable, 3-year-old scientific result (black holes are uncharged annihilate and not). It follows him through other, less complicated results (from chaos theory and quantum mechanics) a "Erdverdampfungswahrscheinlichkeit in a few years" of about 8 percent if the currently running CERN experiment will not immediately shut down.

On 8 November, the last day of the LHC experiments with protons, it is too late. Until then, increasing the likelihood of today maybe 10 or even 100 times less, referred to the value.

"Eight percent Erdversampfungswahrscheinlichkeit in a few years may not be so tragic?" This question can provide you.

And, "to force a panic in the face of the determination of the LHC crew to carry on, is also a relevant risk." Very true. Thucydides, the Decameron and the Khmer Rouge are historical examples of deadly collective hysteria.

In the next 14 days, the balance tilts between two points somewhere. The total destruction danger to 8 November maximized. Then another fear mongering is only harmful. The earlier, the necessity it is. So it's a "mathematical optimization task: to determine up to which date between now and the 8th November, a maximum pressure on the public to stop the experiment should be exercised.

It comes to this task obviously important to provide as safe a risk forecast is: "8 percent Erdversampfungswahrscheinlichkeit" as a final value of one, at best, currently still 100 times smaller baseline.

For there is also a finite probability that the threat assessment on closer inspection turns out to be unjustified. Then the experiment after the enforced break will be resumed immediately. How big is the probability of error? This can only be estimated: Once in 3 years of seeking the participation of a large number of scientists and other people with great life experience no sound counter-argument has been found despite intense effort, it is perhaps no more than 50 percent.

This brings us to 4 percent Erdverdampfungswahrscheinlichkeit, if the experiment does not stop in time. Is it worth it, so turn on the public? After all, is what the CERN a lot of money and prestige.

I ask dpa and the FAZ and the time editors to discuss the issue. Such strategic thinking is particularly written Helmut Schmidt on his body - and could save him grief in the acute phase by Loki Schmidt even life. He is still needed - that she says.

Perhaps one should also consider that the temporary by a (hopefully making) stop caused inconvenience to the CERN and the world weighs a relatively modest scale in the other: so much talk really not against a hopefully soon to completion interrupt.

Thank you, dear little fellow citizens who read this today as a guinea pig, so to speak, and all who read it later, allowing me to address myself to you. Your dependent on your advice

Otto E. Rössler (For J.O.R. 24/10/10)

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Comment from: Dennis [Visitor]
No matter how many times you say no one could their claims, theses can call it's not more, not refute, the less credible you become.

You have here on this page so incredibly often, not to direct, repeated, answered questions about their claims and then again with a cheap and highly questionable rhetoric sought to draw from the affair.

They also have up to now, no complete set proper mathematical account of why their interpretation is correct.

Not only the absolute majority of all particle physicists in the world to see their claims as ridiculous wrong, but simply all.

Set themselves up as the "savior" of the world to do is ridiculous.

If their claims would have been scientifically sound and they have sent to a peer-review, would have their claims now a subject of the actual scientific debate.

Time depends on that people have to really do better, have dealt with them and after these meetings, felt no necessity to meet them again, should not only you but each other to think about.

The fact remains that you do not have the correct scientific way and to date have gone exactly these papers, the people are still owed.

Furthermore, it is also a fact that they have used repeatedly propaganistische agents that found elsewhere only in absolutely extreme camps, the rest can all be classified as hostile.

If something were to turn your claims, then would be people who are so incredibly much smarter than you, come before it. For all the blame blindness or the need to mention it is not only arrogant, it lacks any evidence.

I would rather trust my life stuck in these brilliant minds of the true humanity, which can spread their newly gained insight, without Nazi propaganda funds and not with any critical issue to the head in the sand and a few days later, forget any talk or something ,remodel that people say to you something they never did.

If these brilliant people were right and wrong with any experiment chase us all in the air, it's just been so. If we give every attention-types running up, calling the end of the world, we would still live in caves.

And zuvertrauen you the background you have and the wiederwärtigen rhetorical means and the virtually complete lack of scientific standards, is something that is impossible for me.

Should you be right, it does not matter. Then you have nothing of yours, you are right and the world will just stop. This should be so.

But I'm glad we live in a world in which we listen to the science and not to despots like you.

2010-10-25 | 00:33

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  1. Loki Schmidt was such a great person, she will be missed a lot. I hope the the former chancelor Schmidt will overcome the grief.

  2. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Wednesday, October 27. Cantor system and Wonders. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie describes the contruction of Cantor's ternary set by deleting the open middle third of a unit line segment and iterating that process indefinitely on the remaining pieces. He says the dimension is (log 2)/(log 3) which is about 0.63. Rosa Al-Youssef mistakenly prints this as 63.0 three times. He says the cardinality is the same as that of the reals and that that was proved by Giuseppe Peano.

  3. Hey, I just checked back on this blog after seeing it on slashdot around a year ago I think. I'd also read the Doug Arnold piece in SIAM a few weeks ago and felt some gratification from that. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Thank you! That was almost two years ago. Crackpot Scandal In Mathematics. Time flies.

  5. Rössler summarizes his misunderstandings:

    this time in english! Enjoy it!

  6. Furthermore he seems to be a kind of stalker of Stephen Hawking:

    >>Would you kindly care to answer in written form because my offer to pay you a visit was not accepted by your friendly secretary? <<

  7. new Rössler article on Relativ kritisch about Rösslers abuse of holocaust victims:

    contains also a nice picture of Rössler sitting before the graffiti "Progrom University Tübingen" that he sprayed on the main lecture hall of his university.

    Notice also the yellow star that Rössler has put on his shirt.

  8. The inappropriateness of the yellow star is breathtaking. And the whole graffiti business - I can't believe he kept his job. It's time for another Rössler post.

  9. Rössler sprayed it at each of the four sides of the building for several times...

    Also funny was his chemistry lecture that he did not want to hold. Rössler said in his lecture that he is not educated in chemistry and therefore can not teach anything relevant for the exams (although he has studied medicine and should lecture for medical students).

    As the police wanted to put rössler out of the lecture room, he beated the policemen violently. Of course he had no success. Rössler was carried out of the room by several policemen.
    However, Rössler then hold his "lecture" on the floor before the lecture hall. Rössler lectured there for every week. In his audience were many local press journalists, and of course policemen that observed him and prevented him to enter the lecture hall.