Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our latest El Naschie Watch archive

I wasn't expecting this, but the Comments on Phil Baty's THE article have suddenly become so awsome that they merit a position in the Catalog of El Naschie Watch Archives. Not only are the comments of high quality, but they are full of fury and passion. Several comments attack El Naschie, Alexandria University, and King Saud University. An E-infinity group member has shown up to tout the great man's E-infinity theory, and to defend Alexandria University.

Publications like Times Higher Education are rather stodgy and cautious, and I fear some comments may be deleted by the webmaster, so into our archives they go for safe-keeping.

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  1. Holmes mentions the Baty article in his latest:
    also points people to
    but doesn't mention

  2. Thank you, I noticed the Holmes post! He does give one link that I think was intended to link to El Naschie Watch, but it is broken. His link to RationalWiki is broken as well. I have left him comments pointing that out, but they await approval.