Sunday, October 3, 2010

President Naguib's son was El Naschie's friend

As El Naschie Watch readers know, the great man cultivates, exaggerates, and even fakes, connections with famous people. Often they are unable to deny it on account of being dead. I think we have another example of that today.

This is a 3 October 2010 article from the Saudi online newspaper Kol Al-Watn (كل الوطن, "Every Home"). Original Arabic or Google's English translation. Here's the relevant paragraph.

وقال ثروت، والذي كتب (الأوراق السرية لمحمد نجيب) و( رئيس وراء الشمس) في تصريحات صحفية لموقع كل الوطن، إن "الرئيس الراحل محمد نجيب كان له ثلاث أبناء آخرهم يوسف الذي توفي في عام 1988 بعد رحيل والده في أغسطس من عام 1988، وكان يعمل بالفعل سائقاً بشركة المقاولين العرب، لكن ذلك كان أثناء حكم الرئيس الراحل جمال عبد الناصر ولأسباب تتعلق بحالته التعليمية وليس لاضطهاد أم ما شابه ذلك كما حاولت عكاظ تصويره، بينما رحل ابنه الأكبر فاروق بينما كان الرئيس نجيب على قيد الحياة حيث لقي حتفه في ألمانيا أثناء دراسته علم الفيزياء النووية، وكان صديقاً للعالم المصري الدكتور محمد النشائي وهو العالم المصري المتخصص في علم النانو تكنولوجي. بينما رحل الابن الأكبر لنجيب وكان يدعا فاروق في حياة والده

Said Tharwat, who wrote (confidential papers of Mohammad Naguib) and (head behind the sun) in a press statement to the location of each home, said that "the late President Mohamed Naguib was his three sons last of whom was Joseph, who died in 1988 after the departure of his father in August of 1988, He was already working as a driver company Arab Contractors, but that was during the reign of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and for reasons of his state of education and not to persecute or something like that as you try to Okaz filmed, while left his eldest son Farouk while he was President Naguib alive where died in Germany While studying nuclear physics, and was a friend of the world, Dr Mohamed El Naschie is an Egyptian scientist specialized in the science of nanotechnology. deported while the eldest son of Naguib was called is in the life of Farouk and his father

Said Tharwat is a biographer of Egyptian President Mohammad Naguib (1901 - 1984) who was briefly in office from 18 June 1953 to 14 November 1954. Naguib had sons Joseph, Farouk, and an unnamed middle son. Tharwat says the youngest, Joseph, was a driver at the Almokaweloun Al Arab company. He died in 1988. Naguib's eldest son Farouk died in Germany, where he was studying nuclear physics. This was before the death of President Naguib.

And he says that Farouk was "a friend of the great Egyptian scientist Dr. Mohamed El Naschie specializing in nanotechnology".

There's no reason for El Naschie to be mentioned in the Kol Al-Watn piece. I think he's getting journalists to insert his name into articles and say complimentary things about him on the feeblest of excuses.

Thanks to Hossam for the corrections.

Off-topic PS: I am linking to this convenient list of Arabic newspapers for future reference.

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  1. It is Farouk the eldest son who died in Germany while studying nuclear physics, was a friend to El Naschie (supposedly), and died during his father lifetime time (which means before 1988).

    Joseph is the latest. He was a driver at Almokaweloun Al Arab company. He died in 1988.

  2. Fixed! Thanks, Hossam.