Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Otto Rössler continues his LHC protests

There's so much new Rössler material I am overwhelmed. Our last Rössler post was Rössler rodeo roundup which left off at around 11 October. The man is indefatigable, give him that.

  • 13 October 2010

A new crackpot article by Rössler. This time about his crackpot articles that have appeared in the journal Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A with the help of ZNA editor Parisi, who has published articles against the theory of special relativity together with Rössler.

Original German: Liebe Physiker der Welt

Google's English translation: Dear physicists of the world

  • March 2007

The lecture that Rössler presented upon becoming member of the Leibniz society -- the scientific association of the former DDR, communist East Germany.

A doc file in German, full of crankery: Personattraktor: Im Sprung zum Punkt Omega

  • 25 January 2010

Here is a document where Rössler describes his work of his past 36 years and is wondering why scientists are ignoring it completely.

Original German: Ein Hauch von einer Bitte

Google's English translation: A touch of a request

There are 79 comments!

  • Treasure trove with various dates

There is quite a lot from lampsacus.com. The homepage says in the impressum:

This is a website from Prof. Otto E. Rössler and Dr.-Ing. Artur P. Schmidt. It is dedicated to mankind to get a better understanding of the interfaces that surround us. The main question is:

Are we endo or exo? Do we live in a 5-dimensional exo-universe, which is an interwoven space of many 4 dimensional endo-worlds?

We won’t offer you an answer yet, but we are working on it.

Especially we want to thank Daniela Forster-Howell which is seeking for the same answers with her art that guides us through Lampsacus, the framework for the future of knowledge.

Look at this:

A huge crackpot archive of Rössler articles to download.

Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems, 9:1 (2006) 53 - 60 is a PDF in English: Static Cosmology from Chaos-Borne Hubble Law.

He dedicates it to Mandelbrot on his birthday. Rössler also thanks El Naschie and many others. The paper does contain only nonsense, and not even one formula.

  • 14 October 2010

Here is a new article of Rössler on Achtphasen:

Original German: "33" - "Ein Ur-Metermaßstab, der von der lokalen Gravitation abhängt, und eine Ur-Masse, die von der lokalen Gravitation abhängt, taugen beide wenig als Universalien."

Google's English translation: "33" - "A great-meter scale that depends on the local gravity, and a great-mass, which depends on the local gravity are good, both less than universals."

He writes that physicists cannot think and therefore would risk the planet. He also abuses the recent rescue of the workers in a mine for his agenda.

There are 17 comments.

  • 15 October 2010

An open letter in English: Dear General Conference for Weights and Measures

He says Poincaré would appreciate what he's doing.

  • 15 October 2010

In English: Equivalence Principle and the Future of Physics

Rössler writes that there are no gravitational waves. In the comments he says he corresponded with (the long-suffering) Roger Penrose on the matter.

40 comments! Including a large debunking of Rössler with detailed calculations, showing all statements of Rössler to be wrong.

  • 28 August 2009

A nonsense article in English co-authored with Heinrich Kuypers, Jürgen Parisi, Dieter Fröhlich, and Frank Kuske. Phys. Essays 22, 420 (2009) (2 pages); doi: 10.4006/1.3200899. Black-hole horizons cannot be reached in finite outer time. Also available here.

The unequal-vertical-distances theorem for gravitational fields is used to show that black holes cannot be plunged into effective finite time by astronauts. The reason is simple: The distance is effectively infinite. The new no-go result represents an anomaly in general relativity.

The co-author Frank Kuske is listed as a member of the theoretical chemistry department at Tübingen where Rössler works.

  • 12 October 2010

An editorial from Rössler on the Stop CERN site.

Original German: Aufruf an alle Altersheimbewohner und sonstige Gereifte

Google's English translation: Calling all nursing home residents and other Aged

He begs patients with dementia in old people's homes to blackmail their testamentary heirs. According to Rössler, elder people should disinherit their relatives if the latter decide not to support Rössler and refuse to stop the experiment at CERN.

  • 19 October 2010

In this comment in German, Rössler accuses the debunker "FH" of McCarthyism.

Google Translate won't jump to a translated comment, so click here for the entire translation into English (you may have to hit "Translate several times, there's so much text) and then search for "McCarthy".

There are 71 comments!

  • 19 October 2010

Brand new from Rössler, in English: Urgent News, on Achtphasen.

There are six comments so far, in German, including one from himself and two from Marc Phasnacht, the blog proprietor.

Rössler found another crank, Prof. R.J. Cook, on arXiv, who made the same mistakes. He writes that his views completely coincide with that crank paper (PDF).

A commentor named "Hansi" takes Rössler to task that there is a serious computational error in the crank article.

Rössler indirectly responds that he wants a military trial against the debunker. Rössler wants Hansi to come down off his high horse and apologize for his post.

Marc Phasnacht alleges that Hansi is an alias for "Benni" who has been tormenting Rössler on RelativKritisch, calling for his Professor title to be revoked.

In a just-added comment Rössler calls for CERN to be tried in an International Tribunal for crimes against humanity.

  • 21 October 2010

Original German: Die gute und die schlechte Nachricht

Google's English translation: The good and the bad news

Rössler says there's an eight percent chance the world will be destroyed in a black hole, but we won't be aware of our fate for about four years. And so on for years, for as long as the LHC is operated. He attaches particular blame to Professor Hermann Nicolai of Albert-Einstein-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Golm near Potsdam in Germany. Nicolai can't refute Rössler and is acting like a new pope.

Many thanks to the reader who submitted these links and commentary. I have made only minor edits.

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Wednesday, October 20. Newton's theories on revolution. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie name-drops Karl manger, Georg Cantor, Einstein, James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday, and Herman Minkowski. He tells the story of Minkowski calling Einstein a lazy dog. He says Einstein suffered from not knowing about fractals and the work of Karl Menger.

  2. "Physicists love the world" is not a correct translation of "Liebe Physiker der Welt". Instead one'd translate "Dear physicists from all around the world"


  3. news from Rössler:

    He found another crank on arxiv who made the same mistakes. He writes that his views completely coincide with that crank paper.
    A commentor takes him to the task that there is a serious computation error in the crank article.

    Rössler indirectly responds that he wants a military trial against the debunker. Rössler wants the debunker to apologize for his post.

  4. Thanks Thilo! I will fix it.

  5. Updated with keffiyeh and Nelson Mandela pic. (Rössler wants Mandela to get involved, and calls himself a friend of non-Western youth.)

  6. Now he wants CERN to be convicted by the international court in Den Haag.

    He is going completely crazy.


  7. If the earth were coming to an end, a trial wouldn't help. :)

  8. new rössler post:

  9. It's added now. Thank you.

  10. new document of rössler:

    Rössler writes that he wants to put the entire world in panic and fear.

  11. Thank you. I will post that soon.

  12. Another admirer of the Great Man:

    The golden mean as clock cycle of cortical rhythms

    (see References)

    It seems crack-pottery attracts crackpots:

    "He is mostly known for his controversial thesis that biological intelligence is fixed to social class/.../"

  13. Oh, and there's also an acknowledgment to D. Winter in the article above. We know him already. LOL

  14. Weiss acknowledges Dan Winter and repeatedly cites El Naschie! LOL, nice one.