Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rössler rodeo roundup

Thanks to the indispensable reader who provided these links.

Jürgen K. and FrznHrs tried to reason with Prof. Rössler, but to little avail. Here's Rössler's reply.

Lieber Herr Kollege J.K.:

Ihr Kollege F.H. hat nichts widerlegt. Es sei denn, sein Verteidiger J.K. kann spezifizieren, was er widerlegt hat, da er das selbst nicht mehr kann.

Ich habe geschildert, wie die Meinung von Herrn F.H. auf eine Verletzung der Energieerhaltung führt.

Darauf schweigt er. Und Sie dazu auch.

Ich warte auf einen Gegenbeweis.

Herzlich Ihr Otto E. Rössler

Dear Colleague J.K.:

Your colleague F.H. has not refuted anything. Unless his lawyer J.K. can specify what he has refuted, since he himself can not.

I have described how the views of Mr FH leads to a violation of energy conservation.

Now he is silent. And you are too.

I'm waiting for a rebuttal.

Cordially yours, Otto E. Rössler

Dear Mr. F.H.:
I admire you that you came back.

Unfortunately you repeat your old scholastic assertions without being able to disprove my theorem. I repeat: "Equal rest mass energy content downstairs as compared to upstairs implies energy nonconservation".

How about giving it a try?

The machine is running at an exponential pace! You are the only person on the planet who tries to refute the danger. So I do not underestimate you at all. But everybody sees that you are unable to disprove my theorem. So far.

I give you another day.

Take care, Otto.

  • 7 October, 2010. Rössler returns to his thought experiment in the form of a story about Einstein and Telemachus.

Original German: Telemach gegen Heuer: Kann der globale Selbstmordversuch des Oktober 2010 noch aufgehalten werden?

Google's English translation: Telemachus against Heuer: Can the global suicide attempt in October 2010 still be prevented?

  • 8 October, 2010. Rössler estimates that a mini black hole would take five years to swallow the Earth. Original German or Google's English. The Achtphasen commenters take him seriously.

  • 7 October, 2010. Having saved the best for last, we come to RelativKritisch, where blogger "Redaktion" lives up to his high standards.

Original German: Otto E. Rössler – Ich will nicht widerlegt werden!

Google's English translation: Otto E. Rössler - I will not be refuted!

Redaktion pours scorn on Rössler's so-called "ℜ-Theorem".

There are two dozen reader comments, and a photoshop of Rössler on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

UPDATE. More Rössler bronco busting from the Achtphasen site.

Today I could prove to a colleague that a minor implication of general relativity, overlooked for 95 years, is for real. The whole world could follow our open dispute.

A finite spherical surface surrounding a black hole holds an infinite volume of space, in which c is constant globally and in which Telemach holds: T (time), L (length), M (mass) and Ch (charge) change concomitantly in proportion to gravitational redshift.

This result totally changes the properties of black holes. Black holes are hoped to be produced these days in an unprecedented experiment at CERN.

Even if there were no evidence that these changed properties make them dangerous, the experiment which is based on the assumption that they are innocuous would have to be stopped until the issue is clarified.

So I cordially ask Mr. Heuer to give the stop signal tonight until clarity has been achieved.

I think every person on the planet who cares about rationality agrees.

  • 10 October, 2010. This Achtphasen post from Marc Fasnacht has five comments including three from Rössler.

Original German: 'F.H.' hält Herrn Rösslers "ℜ-Theorem" durch Herrn Giulini und Herrn Nicolai für widerlegt (und somit für kein Theorem im eigentlichen Sinne) und hat den Argumenten inhaltlich eigentlich nichts hinzuzufügen.

Google's English translation: 'FH' keeps Mr. Rössler "ℜ theorem" by Mr. Giulini and Nicolai contradicted for the Lord (and thus not a theorem in the strict sense) and has actually nothing to add substance to the arguments.

In a comment, Marc Fasnacht says "All we are is dust in the wind... Cantor's dust" suggesting he's a drinker of El Naschie's E-infinity Kool-Aid.

In one of his comments, Rössler suggests getting ex-UN Secretary General Kofi Annan involved somehow. (Last time he suggested Nelson Mandela.)

  • 10 October, 2010. Rössler writes to Governor Stefan Mappus of Baden-Württemberg. Original German or Google's English translation.

Rössler announces his intention of meeting with Governor Mappus on Wednesday at 3:00 PM. He laments that the Pope won't meet with him, and compares himself to a holocaust victim.

  • 11 October 2010. On Achtphasen again, Rössler answers at length a question from Ralf Kannenberg concerning the anticipated LHC-induced end of the world.

Original German: Antwort an Herrn Kannenberg

Google's English translation: Answer to Mr. Kannenberg

TL;DR? You decide. Anyway, he winds up by saying he emulates Richard Feynman's utter scientific honesty, which is amusing.

Marc Fasnacht worriedly asks in a comment whether any black holes have been detected yet.

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. Here are new articles with comments from Rössler:

    And here, a brand new one:

    He says that he will try to meet the governor of Baden Württemberg next wednesday. He compares himself to a holocoust victim. Furthermore, Rössler tries to impress his followers by calling himself now a "differential topologist"...

  2. Another new article written by Rössler, a summary of his crackpot-stuff:

  3. and more:

  4. Yes, it's in there. You posted it already. :)

  5. new crackpot article of Rössler. This time about his crackpot articles that have appeared in the journal Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A with the help of ZNA editor Parisi (who has published articles against the theory of special relativity together with Rössler):

  6. Here is the lecture which Rössler held when becoming member of the Leibniz society (the scientific association of the former DDR, the communist part of germany)

    Purely cranky this lecture.

  7. Here is a document where Rössler describes his work of his past 36 years and is wondering why scientists are ignoring it xompletely:

  8. Look at this:

    A huge crackpot archive of Rössler articles to download...

  9. Rösslers cosmology paper:

    He dedicates it to Mandelbrot on his birthay. Rössler also thanks El Naschie and many others. The paper does contain only nonsense, and not even one formula.

  10. The homepage says in the impressum:

    "This is a website from Prof. Otto E. Rössler and Dr.-Ing. Artur P. Schmidt. It is dedicated to mankind to get a better understanding of the interfaces that surround us. The main question is:

    Are we endo or exo?
    Do we live in a 5-dimensional exo-universe, which is an interwoven space of many 4 dimensional endo-worlds?

    We won’t offer you an answer yet, but we are working on it.

    Especially we want to thank Daniela Forster-Howell which is seeking for the same answers with her art that guides us through Lampsacus, the framework for the future of knowledge."

  11. Rösslers articles are here for download:

  12. and here:

  13. and here:

  14. Wow! My Rössler cup overfloweth. OK, I will do another Rössler post soon. In the meantime, please continue adding links here.

  15. here is a new article of Rössler:

    He writes that physicists can not think and therefore would risk the planet. he also abuses the recent salvage of the workers in a mine for his agenda.

  16. Does anyone know if Rössler managed to ambush Governor Stefan Mappus?

  17. There's no information in regional german press. Maybe, this was some more Roessler-bubble.

    RelativKritisch Redaktion

  18. Until now there is nothing in the local newspapers of Stuttgart...i guess this was a bluff

  19. Thank you. Too bad. It would have been funny.

  20. more of Rössler:


    and especially funny is this:

    Rössler writes, for example, that there are no gravitational waves. In the comments

    Rössler says that he has had a dialogue with Roger Penrose on that question.

    (poor Penrose. I feel sometimes sorry for those relativists who are so often being stalked by cranks.)

  21. new rössler journal article:

    Black-hole horizons cannot be reached in finite outer time
    Phys. Essays 22, 420 (2009) (2 pages); doi: 10.4006/1.3200899

    The unequal-vertical-distances theorem for gravitational fields is used to show that black holes cannot be plunged into effective finite time by astronauts. The reason is simple: The distance is effectively infinite. The new no-go result represents an anomaly in general relativity

  22. here seems to be a fulltext of that nonsense journal article:

  23. ko-author of the above crackpot paper is, together with the well known ZNA editor Parisi, a chemist named frank kuske (that Kuske is a chemist follows from him being listet as member of the theoretical chemistry department at tübingen)

  24. more of rössler:

    He begs patients with dementia in old people's homes to blackmail their testamentary heirs.

    According to Rössler, elder people should disinherit their relatives if the latter decide not to support Rössler and refuse to stop the experiment at cern.

  25. The comments under now contain a large debunking of Rössler with detailed calculations, showing all statements of Rössler to be wrong.

  26. He begs patients with dementia in old people's homes to blackmail their testamentary heirs. Oh. My. God.

    Here he compares the debunker "FH" with McCarthy.

  28. This is a bumper crop of craziness shaping up.

  29. He is apparently afraid of loosing the achtphasen-site as his personal publication site.

  30. Really, why do you say that? I would be happy to have him do some guest posts on El Naschie Watch.