Friday, October 15, 2010

Said Elnashaie's punditry

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If you want to review in detail about Said Elnashaie, you can read these posts:

Briefly, he is El Naschie's next-youngest brother, the family black sheep, and an El-Ghad party activist and political opponent of the Mubaraks, who El Naschie favors. His pet peeves are known to include The Great Satan, Imperialist filth, and Zionist tools.

Iran's Ahmedinejad is wrapping up a visit to Lebanon, and this is the occasion for Said's latest communiqué, reproduced below, in full, with small corrections and formatting improvements.

Dear Prof. Sharaf,

This is excellent and this is very true, Lebanon (the resistant part) are clean honest Arab progressive nationalist fighting against the criminal Imperialism and Zionism and their allies; this part is getting bigger and stronger; while the other shrinking disgusting part are Zionists wearing Arab false faces. In Egypt the ruling class are Zionists and they will loose [sic] because they have chosen the wrong filthy wagon which will take them straight to hell, even their Zionist and Imperialist lovers will not help them if they are still alive, as what happened in Vietnam to the traitors in the south.

What is strange nowadays is that some progressive nationalist honest Egyptians are picking what seems to be a very old video (if it is true); it is about 40 years old at the very beginning of Hezbollah and they focus on Nassr Allah talking about being part of Iran, and then they ask us, us who support the resistance in Lebanon lead by the great Hezbollah, what do we think of that; and I would like to give those colleagues an answer, but after I ask them questions:

  • 1- Why did you find this now and not 40 years ago when it happened (if it is true)?

  • 2- Do they know that USA admitted that only last year they spent $500 millions to harm the image of Hezbollah?

  • 3- Can they estimate how much the Zionists spent for the same aim? And how much the Zionist Arabs spent?

  • 4- Did they count how many filthy Zionist spies have been caught in Lebanon during the last few month [sic]? can they estimate home [sic] many USA and Arab spies are their [sic]?

  • 5- Can they give us their estimate of the filth done by the International court for El-harriri the father, first against Syria and now against Hezbollah? and whether it is an International court or a Zionist one? and how they cover for the false witnesses and how El-harriri the son is acting in a very suspicious way and now he apologized to Syria, but not to the extent of supporting trial for the false witnesses and who is behind them, because may be he is among the ones behind them!!

  • 6- Did any of you showed us what do you think about the wrongly called international organizations (UN, Security Council, atomic Energy Commission [sic. Atomic Energy Agency], etc.) and how they are not international tools but Imperialist, Zionist tools, used to cover all the crimes committed by Imperialists and Zionists and now very vulgarly used against Iran.

These are some simple questions they should think about before they are used to support spies and USA and Zionist and Zionist Arabs against the Lebanese resistance and Hezbollah.

Now back to their question, we do not know the answer to this question, they should ask Hassan Nassrallah what did he mean by that 40 years ago (if it is true) and what does he think now and in all cases any degree of alliance with Iran which is strongly against Imperialism and Zionism is much better than the Arab Zionists rulers who are in alliance with Zionism and Imperialism.

I hope this is clear to our dear progressive and nationalist colleagues,

Best Wishes,
Said Salah Eldin Elnashaie

The youngest brother, Amr S. Elnashai or "Scorpion300", says Said is mentally ill. I don't know if that's true, but he does seem pretty angry. Here is an old website of Said's. It was last updated on September 1, 2000 according to a notation at the bottom, but dates as late as 2006 are to be seen there. Notice the lime-green background and 36-point type. That was never normal, even during Web 1.0.

From the lime-green site here is his CV, now hosted on Scribd. A reader points out from page two that earlier he was associated with Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, from which El Naschie and the entire Editorial Board were fired!

Full C.V.

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  1. Jason,

    His old site actually lists the CSF under
    the "JOURNAL EDITORIALSHIP" section.

    Was he also a member of their editorial board at some point? What a family business...

  2. From his CV:

    - Member of the editorial board of the new Pergamon Press (Elsevier) Journal: “Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. Applications in Science and Engineering” ( 1991-1996)
    -Associate Editor for the Chemical Engineering section in the same Journal ,Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, ( 1996-2001)

  3. Excellent observation! I have added his CV to the post.

  4. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Sunday, October 17. Solve the mystery. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    Name dropping by the great man in today's column: Georg Cantor, Karl Menger, Paul Urysohn, Alain Connes, Thomas Mann, Archibald Wheeler.

    El Naschie brags about his nonsense E-infinity theory. He talks about fractals, negative dimensions, empty sets, and the golden mean, which he calls "the discovery of discoveries of the ancient Egyptians".