Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two more El Naschie blogs!

El Naschie has settled on a new strategy to counter El Naschie Watch: Crowd the field.

If there are enough El Naschie blogs, this one will go unnoticed, he thinks. But that's not really how it works. Our high search engine rankings for queries to do even remotely with El Naschie, in any language, were hard earned and will be hard to overcome.

In fact, we are happy to give his new blogs a helping hand by linking to them.

First we have a blog ostensibly from David in the United States: E-Infinity - High Energy Communications

There are several new E-infinity communications up! This blog is apparently the one that was promised by the E-infinity group when they got tired of being made fun of on FQXi-395.

Then we have Dr. Mohamed El Naschie's views on Politics, Science and Culture, whose proprietor's name is Asad.

It contains so far only one post, but it's very long. It consists entirely of scanned Rosa Al-Youssef columns.

For completeness, these are all the blogs devoted primarily to matters El Naschie:

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  1. Hey Jason, I (briefly) checked David's blog. This guy
    is asking himself who is behind "all this viscous attack not only against E-infinity and fractal spacetime as a theory but far worse against Prof. Ji-Huan He, L. Marek-Crnjac, Prof. Mohamed El Naschie, Gerardo Iovane and in fact every single member of the E-infinity group". I imagine that this E-infinity people is immersed in some kind of highly viscous material (whose nature we can only guess)! I have a fairly good idea of what it could be...

    In the few minutes that I have dedicated to reading that blog, I was able to find few gems, which also include neologisms: for instance, I am not completely sure of what a "dessert storm" is... is it some kind of new pastry? And what about the "kissing points of 10 dimensional spheres"?

    Also there are some distillates of pure wisdom: "Thus we have 3 plus 336 equal 339". And then he goes on "Plus 137 plus 20 which exactly matches the 496 of super strings as should be."

    In fact I believe that this David has made a fundamental discovery: when he mentions 137 he is clearly referring to the fine structure constant. I believe that he is trying to tell to the world that alpha is a rational number!

    There are also philosophical peaks: "As Confuscious says, ignore perturbation and like Mohamed says, may peace be upon all of you." Is this some kind of new religion?

    More gems:

    "Einstein is great but Feynman is something else altogether."

    "When you want to be more sophisticated you say that these conditions are not independent of each other as is obvious from the Lawrence transformation which preceded Einstein’s work." [Lawrence transformation???]

    "You cannot take Newton nor Einstein as a paradigm in a naïve way."

    "Einstein loved to ride over a photon and fly with a speed of light."

    WOW!!! If these were jokes one could even laugh... the sad thing is that there are journals and editors willing to publish papers (so to say) from this people. That is not laughable!

  2. I am disappointed in the low quality of these new blogs, 6 and 7 above. 98% of 6 exists already on 5. The remaining 2% exists on 3. Blog 7 duplicates the work of 4 in posting scans of Rosa Al-Youssef columns.

    It would have been better for supporters and detractors alike of El Naschie for the blogmasters of 4, 5, 6 and 7 to get together and work on just one blog and update it regularly. Sorry, but 1 > 2+3+4+5+6+7 IMHO.

  3. Anonymous, thank you for the analysis. It spared time in reading/skimming David's blog.

    Some observations:

    - David is the well known sock-puppet, e.g., see:

    Aren't they cute?

    David's comment on erd.ferkel

    - his "gems" are a well known handicap of El Naschie's sock-puppetry, e.g.:

    Helm Holtz or Helm Holz yet again

    BTW: I found the "Helmholz" misspelling in the title of an article published in CSF:

    A note on the Helmholz oscillator


  4. Coauthor S. Al Athel of "A note on the Helmholz [sic] oscillator" is a friend of El Naschie. They are pictured together with 't Hooft in El Naschie's photogallery. Photo number 9. And they co-authored a terrifying paper on using E-infinity for nuclear reactors.

  5. re

    > It contains so far only one post, but it's very long. It consists entirely of scanned Rosa Al-Youssef columns.

    more scanned columns up

  6. Thanks for pointing that out!