Sunday, October 17, 2010

University Ranking Watch invites debate

Debate, anyone? is an important post from Richard Holmes, and he talks about El Naschie by name.

We know Holmes is wary of our comments, and he alludes to that unease in this paragraph:

To be fair, readers might wish to visit El Naschie’s site. I will also publish any comments of a non-libellous nature that support or dispute the scientific merits of his writings.

His post has many links. As of this writing, however, links to El Naschie Watch and RationalWiki are malformed as follows and therefore broken:

I left the following comments, which await his approval.

Hi Richard, great post. Very thorough. Your "El Naschie’s list of affiliations" link attempts to connect to my blog, I think, but it's broken. Relevant posts on my blog include Introduction to Mohamed El Naschie and The many titles of Dr. M.S. El Naschie.

Also, your link to El Naschie's RationalWiki page is broken because you appended a period.

You say a lot about El Naschie's affiliations. It should never be assumed that El Naschie is affiliated with an institution merely because he says so. The institution must be asked. For example, he has been kicked off the arXiv for arrogating affiliation with Cambridge University.

Richard, I am relieved to see you naming names. I was worried about you.

Richard is cautious and temperate in his language, but if you read between the lines you can tell he knows El Naschie is bogus.

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  1. Your comments have been approved, Jason, as the comment from an anonymous commenter who made a clear point about the Great Man.

    Anyway, Richard's post is indeed great.