Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Al Masry Al Youm hammers El Naschie

This post is a follow-up to our Al Masry Al Youm notes New York Times piece although it should have been a chronological prequel. It seems the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm recently have written more than once about the great man's citation shenanigans. This is a serious problem for El Naschie, who needs to choreograph Egyptian press coverage of him to make it appear he is a real scientist. Read the original Arabic or our English translation below.

American newspaper The New York Times: The appearance of Alexandria University in the top 200 universities worldwide raised questions about the accuracy of these standards.

It said that «the reason behind the presence of the University of Alexandria in this category is the high production of one scientific professor, Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, who published last year 320 papers in a scientific journal of which he is the editor».

And it said that that last November El Naschie brought a lawsuit accusing the British scientific journal Nature of libel and defamation over an article claiming that «there is a clear misuse of editorial privileges by El Naschie», and the case is still pending to date.

In its report Monday, the «New York Times» said: The presence of any scientific institution among the top ten, in these classifications, is «an occasion for celebration», for example, Cambridge University issued a press release when they got first place, defeating Harvard University, last September. Harvard University did the same when its superiority was shown in the latter category two weeks later.

The paper said: The University of Alexandria celebrated their reaching rank 157 [sic. 147], which is superior to the universities such as Georgetown, which ranked 164. They disseminated on their website a statement which said that «the University of Alexandria is the only Arab university among the best 200 universities in the world».

And «New York Times» reported that this result was also reason for some to celebrate, but reason for others to be confused. It raised a lot of controversy and questions about the manner in which these classifications and indicators that depend on them are used in the classification of scientific institutions, especially after the University of Alexandria occupied fourth place in the world in a sub-index measuring the volume of scientific research at the university, which was superior to universities such as Harvard and Stanford.

The newspaper pointed out that these classifications are calculated according to the number of citations, and quoted Richard Holmes of the MARA University of Technology in Malaysia, regarding another classification of World Universities published by the Ministry of Education in Spain, as saying: «University of Alexandria is not even the best university in Alexandria itself».

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  1. Also in Al Masry Al Youm. A similar story by the same reporter on the same date. Original Arabic or Google's English.