Friday, November 5, 2010

Alexandria University exults in 147th place ranking

The front page of their website boasts proudly of the achievement, and links to this page with details, but unaccountably omits to mention that they finished fourth in the world in research impact. They ungratefully neglect to thank Mohamed El Naschie for single-handedly lifting AU to the level of Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge and Oxford.

Ann Mroz, editor of Times Higher Education, is quoted as saying

We would like to congratulate Alexandria University for its performance in this year’s rigorous rankings. Being ranked 147 in the world top 200 is an impressive achievement. The top 200 universities in the world represent only a tiny fraction of world higher education and any institution that makes it into this table is truly world class.

There's an explanation of the Bitches Don't Know meme on Encyclopædia Dramatica, and the following YouTube clip compiles many examples.

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  1. As usual, there is no Saturday column by the great man in Rosa Al-Youssef.

  2. It would be good if you devote a post about university ranking. I think there are many universities succeeded in manipulating these ranking as some journals succeeded in gaming impact factor.

    THE, web metric and Shanghai ranking could be discussed, especially if readers could provide us with ranking data over the last four years.
    There are many universities have made unnatural jump during the last four years. The responsible people for ranking keep silent about such anomalous behavior is striking and suspicious.

  3. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Sunday, November 7. English Revolution and the French Revolution. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie seems to have been reading popularized history books, or perhaps historical novels. He says that the most important English revolution was the Industrial Revolution, and the most important French revolution was the one that put Napoleon in power. He brings these up because he wants to draw Egypt's attention to the important lessons of those revolutions. England's industrialization and Napoleon's love of science (but not his Imperial ambitions) should be models for Egypt. Egypt is headed in the right direction, but is not there yet, he says.

  4. As we all know, the douche relies on riding the current wave in the media. So when Egypt won the African title in soccer, he talked about forming a national 'scientific' team, with a 'Hassan-Shahata-like coach' (I wonder who he had in mind). When the government announced that it is planning to build nuclear reactors for energy production, suddenly he started talking about how late it is, but not too late if they take his advice seriously (plus sly innuendos that he was somehow involved in earlier attempts in the seventies). The current focus in Egypt at the moment is the upcoming parliamentary elections. We can make a confident prediction that most of November's Rosa articles by the douche will have the same message: let's stay the course, democracy in itself isn't the goal, the current government is doing well so lets give it more time for fruits to ripen ... etc.

    With next year's presidential elections looming on the horizon, we can be confident that next year's articles will be increasingly about president Mubarack and the need to re-elect him.

    Or is it possible that the editors of Rosa will grow a professional conscience? Highly unlikely, but strager things have happened.

  5. Zahy, Speaking of university rankings: In his Debate, Anyone? post, Richard Holmes said something amazing that I hadn't noticed. He looked at the tendency of scholars to cite their own papers. (THE ranking did not penalize for this.) The second-worst self-citation university was Alexandria because of El Naschie of course. Which was the world's worst? Ji-Huan He's Dongua University! ROTFLMAO