Saturday, November 13, 2010

At 2:10 you will fall out of your chair

English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese subtitles.

This new El Naschie video begins with unremarkable pans across old photos of the great man, scrolling Arabic text, and atmospheric music. But wait for the creaking gate...

I got it from this Facebook page. As you'll see there's a link to Mohamed Mustafa's blog.

Someone please tell us what it's about. At 4:28 he says "Nobel" I think. Should we subtitle it? It's only 5:27 and wouldn't be that big a job.

At the 2:10 part you may want to pause it and compare with pictures in this post.

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Sunday, November 14. My Egyptian teachers. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie talks about his education as a youth in Egypt before going to Germany for higher education. A teacher he mentions is Mr. Ali Al-Faki, one of the finest professors of Arabic language, he says. I think he says that his math teacher insisted on calling him Einstein. He ends, strangely, by condemning private tutoring as an ethical, scientific and economic disaster. I call it strange because Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft is supposed to have personally taught him quantum mechanics. Continued tomorrow.

  2. 0 - 1:
    (Pictures, with Naguib Mahfouz)
    El Naschie is a theoretical physicist and an Egyptian engineer. He has been nominated for the Nobel prize in physics twice


    Author of the "Golden ratio theory in quantum physics

    (Pictures, sections through the wave functions of the hydrogen atom)

    He has said regarding it: "I reached it in 1991 and presented 5 new papers on it, and because of it was accused of madness"


    But after 19 years


  3. 1-2:
    Experimentalists have come to say that what El Naschie arrived at theoretically is correct 100%, and that is a great scientific achievement


    It has allowed El Naschie to determine the values of physical constants in the universe, such as the universal gravitational constant

    and alo the electrmagneic constant (sic)

    And next was el Naschie's attempt to unify all physical forces in one law

    which is a generalization of relativity theory

    (Pictures, dramatic music)

    El Naschie's theories have resulted in a revolution in scientific fields including atomic physics and nanotechnology

  4. 2-3


    Also, NASA has used his research in some of its applications

    (House in Surrey, creaking door, enter the douche)

    I have carried out a lot of work outside my initial specialization as an engineer, but instead my subsequent specialization as a physicist in high-energy physics and unifying the forces

  5. 3-4
    It was an opportunity that allowed me to solve huge problems that were obstacles in the path of the great scientists for the past 75 years.

    (sitting ooutside. Caption: Dr. Mohammed El Naschie, Professor of Atomic Engineering and Theoretical Physics)

    When you ask me about the role of science in the arab world, I say that science does not have just a 'role', it's the most important thing, it's the foundation, it's the hope and deliverance. But when we talk about the arab world, we must be precise. The problems of the arab world are very different in the (Persian/Arabian) gulf versus Egypt versus another country which is similar to Egypt even though it is situated onthe gulf, which is Iraq .. Lebanon, a cultured country with good eductaion .. the problems in the gulf are different. There is tremendous wealth. But despite the fact that the advance witnessed in the gulf has not been seen before in the history of the human race (sic) with respect to education and quality of universities..

  6. 4-5 .. but there is lacking many other things. Therefore, we have a variety of problems. But the one thing that can solve all of these problems is education. 95% of the problems in for arab science lie in not utilizing the resources in the arab world. Something that is a bit funny, and problems that cause laughter are the worst problems (an old arab saying), is that we care a lot about the scientists who get Nobel prizes or those famous scientists, such as myself, that live abroad, but forget about those that live locally. Those of us abroad, I'll talk about myself and not bring in others, we were less talented and less able than our colleagues who stayed behind in the arab world. That is why we left. So, in fact, the wasted abilities are not those that have left but those that have stayed.

  7. 5-end
    If it were not for the lack of resources, they (local scientists) would appear more capable. They are better, they are the firsts (i.e. graduated top of their class). The pyramid is upside down. The first thing we need to take care of are the scientists living in the arab world. The first thing we need to consider is whether there is deep understanding and real faith in the role of science in our societies ..

    The Arab, with Youssra (Youssra is a leading Egyptian actress of the previous generation, and with a lot of makeup, this generation also, who now has a reality show/documentary about real contributors to Egyptian society. The irony.)

  8. OMG that was awesome, thank you. I will make an English subtitle file from that. Anyone wanting to add a language can comment or contact me by email.

    What is the logo in the upper right? I wonder whether this was produced by a TV company or an ad agency.

  9. one correction, minute 1-2:

    "and also the electromagnetic constant (sic)"

    The logo says "The First". I believe that is channel 1 on EGyptian state TV

  10. So someone in authority at Egyptian state TV still believes in him. Good Lord.

  11. Great job, Anonymous!

    I'll do the Italian subs.

  12. Fantastic, Shrink. I can do Spanish. Volunteers? Our readership is so international it's sick.

  13. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Monday, November 15. Lord Ali Asser Zaki. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie talks about his friend Prof. Ali Asser Zaki of Alexandria University. (See this comment where Zaki was discussed previously.) El Naschie describes him as blond, cultured and multilingual, with a lordly mien.

    What El Naschie is doing here is obfuscating his central role in the Alexandria University ranking scandal by talking instead about distinguished AU faculty as if they were the reason for UA's rank. Which is of course nonsense. The rank came about through El Naschie and Ji-Huan He systematically and cynically citing themselves and each other to absurd levels. Those two crooks did it all by themselves. Ali Asser Zaki had nothing to do with it.

  14. Zaki was also discussed previously here.

  15. The Duke (El naschie) is talking about the Lord (Asser Ali Zaki).

  16. Although El naschie mentioned that the lord
    Asser Zaki Ali has hundred of publications, I can't find any one them on Inspec or web of science.

  17. There are many interesting passages to be translated, it is related to the history of the great man.
    مرت السنون وانتقلت من ألمانيا إلي انجلترا ثم إلي الجامعة في السعودية.. كنت في كلية الهندسة قسم الهندسة المدنية شعبة الانشاءات وحيث إن المملكة كانت في بداية النهضة كان قسم الهندسة المدنية هو مركز التسرب من الجامعة إلي الوظائف القيادية في الحكومة والصناعة.
    Years passed and I moved from Germany to England and then to University in Saudi Arabia (Riyad university and by now is king Saud). I were in the Faculty of Engineering, Department of civil engineering, construction division. The Kingdom was at the beginning of the Renaissance and civil engineering department was the central source dropping out leadership in Government and industry.

    كنت أعرف كيف أوفق بين عملي كأستاذ وباحث في الجامعة وعملي كمهندس استشاري خارج الجامعة ولذلك قررت الجامعة الاستعانة بي في تقديم المشورة في مشاريع الانشاءات المختلفة في الدولة
    I had ability and knowledge to fit between my work as a professor (The great man claiming professorship) and a researcher at University and my work as a consulting engineer outside the University. And therefore the University decided to use my consultancy in various construction projects in the State.

    -- I think here where the great man got his wealth through corruption, bribery, commission and cheating. The great man is not even professional as Engineer, he is just clever in cheating people.

    كنت أري عند الدكتور آسر مجلات طبيعة نظرية مختلفة ورأيت يوما موضوعا عن عالم اسمه عبدالسلام باكستاني الجنسية ويقال إنه عالم متميز سألت آسر عنه فشرح لي أشياء عديدة فهمت معناها بعد حوالي عشر سنوات.
    I have seen with Dr. Asser various theoretical physics journals. One day I saw an article about a Pakistani distinguished scientist named Abdul Salam, I asked Asser about him and he explained me many things that I understood later after about ten years.

    --Of course these things were at the level of popular science and the great man is still lacking understanding till now. I hope the great man will not mention Abdul Salam as mentoring him especially Abdul Salam died on 1996.

  18. Zahy,

    Abdul Salam is in danger. I am actually waiting for the Mandelbrot-had-great-influence-on-me Rosa Al yousef column, since Benoit Mandelbrot is the father of fractals and he died last month.

    Just wanted to make this prediction official.

  19. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Tuesday, November 16. Egypt of high caliber. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie name-drops René Thom.

    He says Alexandria graduated hundreds of master's degrees and PhDs and tens of thousands of engineers and electricians, which is worth more than any Nobel Prize.

    El Nasche says Alexandria University has dozens more scientists as good as Asser Ali Zaki. It is a beacon for science in the Arab world. A real beacon, not based on paid propaganda and classification of foreign awards. Pythagoras and Euclid wrote their masterpieces there.

    He concludes with a saying or aphorism of some sort that Google doesn't translate comprehensibly. Anyone?

  20. The last sentence says:

    And in the end, Alexandria is the bride of the Mediterranean sea and "your are precious to me, oh you the people of Alexandria" and let the haters die from their hate.

    The quote in the middle is from a famous old Egyptian song (perhaps it's Sayed Darwish ? I don't know I'm not that old).

    I think there are important info here that were perhaps lost in translation. El Naschie says that he co-authored two papers about Rhene Thom's catastrophe theory with Dr. Assr Zaki who was the head of the civil engineering department in A U. They were friends for almost 40 years. And that it was Asser who nominated El Naschie for the membership of the Royal Physics society. El Naschie believes that he is the first civil engineer in history to join this organization. El Naschie says also that Asser supervised hundreds of masters, tenths of Ph.Ds and thousands of engineers (not Alexandria as per your post, it's Asser). He is saying that there are tenths of scientists like Asser in Alexandria that he perhaps is not aware of.

    It's amusing how El Naschie makes whole columns about some unknown faculty from Alexandria University to show great a university it is while Ahmed Zewail got his B.Sc and M.Sc from AU.

    I hope he stops speaking about Alexandria. It's really annoying.

  21. Excellent! Thank you.

  22. The song is "People of Alexandria" sung by Mohammed Kandeel.

  23. Thanks! I'm looking for a video of it...



    Thanks! I don't understand it but it's a lovely song with a nostalgic tone. The video is accompanied by great pictures of Alexandria. I recognize the beach from Jihan Fadel's movie Ice Cream in Gleem.

  26. Mohammed Kandeel has always been a mystery. He is very well, has a wonderful voice, and several of his songs are classics that are part of every day speech. Yet, he never made it big like other singers in his generation. Some say becuse he was overweight, some say because he wasn't good looking. The douche will just use any thing he can get his hands on.

  27. Dear Anonymous, November 15, 2010 11:16 PM
    Can you please translate the douche column on
    Your translation is excellent and perfect.
    The column content is interesting and it deserves to be translated but unfortunately I don't have free time.

  28. I'll make it a separate post if you translate it.

  29. Professor Aser explained to me the "Weinberg-Glashow-Salam" theory unifying electromagnetics with the weak nuclear force. That was my first encounter with the program for unifying the fundamental forces in the universe. Years passed by, and Aser continued to encourage me to enter the schrine of real science. We wrote a paper or two together, I think they were about the French mathematician Rene Thom's catastrophe theory. After that he nominated me to the Royal Acadamey in physics which I subsequently became a fellow of, and I believe I am the first civil engineer in history to acquire that degree in physics. My friendship with my honorable professor, Dr. Aser Ali Zaki, more than forty years and I thank God every day for this friendship, and I pray to God to maintain his health and bless him with long life. Aser is a model for the real Egyptian scientist. A lot of shiny names, or that have been made to look shiny, appear rusty in comparison to his contribution to Egypt. He has been the head of the Civil Engineering Department (sic!) in Alexandria, and under his supervision hundreds of masters students, tens of PhD students, and thousands of Bachelor students in Electrical Engineering (!) have graduated working in Egypt and the Arab world. What use is a Nobel prize awarded in the US to Egypt in comparison? What use is it for a scientist to be famous in Germany or England for Egypt in comparison?

    There are tems like Dr. Aser in Alexandria University that I don't know and may be even he doesn't know. Egypt knows them. After that would you ask me why Alexandria University? The answer is that Alexandria University is a beacon of science in the Arab world, a real beacon and not a fake one based on publicity and prizes and foreign paid-for rankings and lying, made-up metrics. As for Alexandria the city, it is where Pythagoras was educated and Eucid wrote his encycolpedia.

    And last, but not least, Alexandria is the bride of the Mediterranean, and "people of ALexandria are dear to me". And may those who are jealous die with their anger.

  30. Wonderful Anonymous and many thanks.