Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dyslexic Dutch prat beclowns self

Pointing out El Naschie's shenanigans is racist, babbles columnist Marcel Hulspas, who writes 147 as 174.

Don't tell me beclown isn't a real word. Here it is in the Urban Dictionary.

Original Dutch here. English translation below.

Unwanted winner

By: Marcel Hulspas
Published: Thursday, November 11, 2010 11:12 p.m.
Updated: Friday, November 12, 2010 0:29

The University of Eindhoven is the best university of our country, notes the Times Higher Education. The newspaper in education makes an annual ranking of universities worldwide, and Eindhoven scored a 114th place higher than the VU and Leiden 124 at 139. In Eindhoven this week certainly flew the champagne corks around, because university administrators always look with fear and trembling to such rankings.

Penetrating into the top-10 is absolutely unthinkable. Who has for many years occupied by seven American and three British universities. But the bottom is no less fierce battle. Are we a little higher? Dropped a bit? Comes closer to the UvA? Remains Delft away? And each time the result is disappointing, are beginning to grumble about the criteria. Because how do you calculate the quality of a university? Especially this year, the methodology of the THE serious discussion. There must be something wrong. For what does the 174th [sic] place in Alexandria?

That ranking was always a clique of Western universities. [uh oh... racism accusation coming] You can say, as the University of Lagos high would appear, then you know that there is something wrong with the methodology. You can imagine the surprise when 174 [sic] showed up at Alexandria this year. An Arab university in the middle of the lily-white list? [accusation of racism] The indignant blogs [what blogs?] flew back and forth.

The cause was quickly identified. Alexandria proved extremely well to score in the 'impact of research. A fourth place after Caltech, MIT and Princeton, and before Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge. And the fourth was due to a mathematician, Mohammed El Naschie. The "impact" is measured by citation indexes - how often other people [Hulspas is confused even on this elementary point. It's not "other people". El Naschie accomplished the fraud mostly by himself. He had some help from cohort Ji-Huan He of the shadowy brotherhood] quote a study. Now mathematicians are rarely published. And El-Naschie just very much. He is the editor of a mathematical journal, writes that to a large extent self-filled and thereby often cites his own articles. See, that adds up.

It is obviously not a new tactic. Many scientists prefer to divide their work in as many publishable pieces as possible, and then cites an accident from his work. The nice thing is that an Egyptian [accusation of racism] now apply this trick, and that in an area where that huge tap. Until this year Western [racist] scientists were allowed impunity prosecuting such shenanigans, but now an Arab doing it [accusation of racism], everyone talking about "the failure" of the once stately rankings. In THE criteria are they whining about stupid. This year they released an app for the iPhone that everyone has their own criteria to choose and personally determine how "heavy" and one other count. With a bit puzzling and shifting every university on earth can now create its own rankings - and the champagne pop.

Mr. Hulspas also seems not to understand the difference between citation scamming and dividing work into least publishable units. Really, he is not very bright.

Thanks to the reader who found this article.

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