Thursday, November 25, 2010

El Naschie endorsed by dubious math professor

On the Internet one of the standard categories of crackpottery is mathematical proofs of religious doctrine and scriptural proofs of mathematical and physical theories. Today we single out an El Naschie supporter who happens to be a Muslim, but let it be said that there are plenty of Christian, Jewish and Hindu crackpots. Google makes it depressingly easy to find them in any denomination.

On a Maxforums thread, "mahmuod ma" asked for an explanation of topology, the study of invariants of homeomorphisms. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. As you will see he got a response from "ntoytoy", an alias for a Dr. Ahmed Salama, who links to an explanation of topology on his own home page: Original Arabic or Google's English translation. The warning lights flash as we read

...topology is just a mathematical model of the cosmic space which God calls us to be glorified and exalted...

and what do we find farther along but

...the Egyptian Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, head of theoretical physics at Cambridge University And editor of the largest scientific journal Chaos [sic. CSF] published in Britain and America, the Netherlands and the candidate for the Nobel Prize in science.

There is of course no Nobel Prize in "science", never mind the nonsense about his being a "candidate" for it. CSF isn't the "largest scientific journal". And this elevation of El Naschie from his already fake association with Cambridge DAMTP to the actual "head" of the department is new to me.

Dr. Ahmed Salama unaccountably omits to mention that El Naschie was fired from CSF in disgrace.

This page in original Arabic or Google's English translation gives more information about Dr. Salama. At the top it says "Professor of Pure Mathematics at M College of Science". I thought that might refer to Mansoura University, which appears several times on that page, but the Mansoura University site does not show him in the math department, so I don't know. Commenters on El Naschie Watch in the past have hinted that Mansoura University is a stronghold of Naschienal Socialism.

Dr. Salama's pages include الرياضيات طريق الايمان (Mathematics through faith) and الرياضيات تثبت أن القرآن كتاب الله (Mathematics prove that the Koran is the book of God).

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  1. Note that El N is credited by one of your own former collaborators here
    for the "Binary Fibonacci (or rabbit) sequence":
    1, 10, 101, 10110, 10110101, ...
    (a(n+1) = concatenate a(n) and a(n-1)

    M. S. El Naschie, Statistical geometry of a Cantor discretum and semiconductors, Computers Math. Applic., 29 (No, 12, 1995), 103-110.

  2. Ok, now that's funny. :)